10 Online Roulette Tips for Real Money Play

Published: 6 April 2020

Written by: BryanL

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While you might be an ace around an inhouse casino roulette table, playing the game online requires some more specific skills and knowledge to enable you to maintain your winning streaks.  Through your experience, you know well that roulette mistakes can be quite costly.  This holds for online roulette as well, especially since the luck component overshadows the level of skill that you might possess.  Therefore, you must know how to maximise your chances of success by leveraging both your expertise and a few online roulette tips, every time that the wheel turns.

Online Roulette Tips for Beginners  

While the earliest form of roulette can be traced back to the famous French physicist, Blaise Pascale, and his work during the 17th century, the present format of the game has its roots in the betting salon at Paris’s Palais Royal in 1796.  Ever since then, the game has had a fixed set of rules, having allowed many roulette enthusiasts to perfect their skills over the upcoming period.  With the advent of online roulette, the approach to roulette gambling also changed. 

Here are some of the tips you should keep in mind when trying out your luck around an online roulette table:             

Choose the Right Roulette Type

Roulette is not uniform, and many variations exist, from European to French, American and Californian, to name but a few.  While all of these are jampacked with risk and potential to win, some carry a higher chance of winning than others.  We suggest that you place your bets on the European roulette that carries a single zero field, as this variation offers one of the highest returns to player of 97,3%.

Avoid Side Betting

Avoid engaging in side betting and keep clear of tables where the base version pays less on winnings than a standard game, as the returns on these are lower than on regular games.

Play Outside Bets for More Stable Winnings

Outside bets, such as laying on colours, odds or evens are the lowest yielding bets.  Betting on these fields won’t make you an instant millionaire, but they will offer you some of the most stable chances of winning.  If you are one of those players that play for fun and is not after big wins, then this is the strategy for you.    

Don’t Bet What You Cannot Afford

Always have a predefined budget before you embark on a game of roulette.  The game tends to draw players in, and many overspend.  Define a budget for your session and when that runs out, draw a line there.

Go Through Player Reviews and Recommendations

Before you sit behind and online casino table for the first time, do some background research and check what others say about that game. These recommendations can shed light on things like the minimum and maximum bets, software platforms used, as well as withdrawal and deposit times and procedures.

Make Use of Combination Betting Feature

When you bet through combinations, you get a better chance of winning.  This means that you can bet on a single number as much as six times during a specific round.  This results in exponentially higher payouts and more massive cash prizes.   

Beware the Gamblers’ Fallacy

You are sitting at an online roulette table, and the last six rounds have produced a red colour draw.  You, therefore, assume that the next round will also be red.  You wager your chips but, alas, a black number comes up.  This assumption is known as the gamblers’ fallacy and should be avoided at all times.  Nothing in roulette is ever “due” to come up, so try to avoid getting stuck in this assumptive quagmire.

Use a Rational Betting Strategy

The only way to win every single round in roulette is to cover the whole board, which will result in you going nowhere slowly.  Develop your intuitive strategy, based on a combination that’s personal to you, like birthdays, favourite numbers or some other pattern that you might have noticed on the table.  And, whatever you choose, stick to it!

Choose an Online Casino that Will Give You a Unique Experience      

Play at a casino that makes you feel comfortable and is aligned with your expectations.  For example, if you prefer an excellent camera coverage of the table, you might choose prestige roulette, while for those looking for a quick game, speed roulette might be their preferred option.   

Be in the Right Mindset to Play

The force of attraction might come useful when deciding whether to play or not.  Should your heart not be in it when playing or you are in the wrong frame of mind, take a step back and come again another time.  Playing when anxious or uneasy can result in wrong moves and even worse losses.

While roulette remains the most popular casino table game, this does not mean that everyone who plays it, wins.  By polishing your gambling skills, you can boost your chances of winning at the table.  So, while winnings are not always guaranteed, your chances of success ultimately depend on you and how you use the luck that you’ve been given on the day.  Happy spinning!