8-Step Beginners Guide to Online Casinos

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You’ve had a few stints at your local casino but have still not dared to venture into online gambling. Don’t stress! We have compiled a handy beginners guide to online casinos with all the necessary information you might need to have a successful online gambling experience every time you play.

For those gamblers who have never played at real-money online casinos, the idea of online wagering can be intimidating. With so many online gambling sites in Canada, picking the right one for you can be challenging.

Our beginners guide to online casinos is a well-rounded starting point for those planning to gamble online for the first time. Our guide is filled with information to help you decide where to start your online casino adventure and answer any questions.

Advantages of Gambling Online

Besides being safe and convenient, online gambling is ideally suited for avid gamblers due to several reasons:

1. Gambling from the Comfort of Your Home

Let’s face it – visiting a land-based casino entails physically transporting yourself to that location, which comes at a cost. Not to mention all the time spent getting dressed and making yourself presentable. On the other hand, gambling from home doesn’t require any travel. All you need to do is log onto your computer and open your favourite online casino website.

Ultimately, you save both time and money when gambling online. And the best thing is that the money you would have spent getting yourself to a brick-and-mortar casino can be redirected to your bankroll and used for playing your favourite online casino games.

2. Wider Assortment of Transacting Options

Gambling online offers you the flexibility to use alternative payment methods. While in-house casinos only deal with cash, online casinos are far more flexible. Besides the usual credit card payment options, online casinos often accept wire transfers, e-wallets, prepaid cards, and even cryptocurrencies.

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Also, you can choose how you wish to withdraw your winnings. Online casinos can deposit money into your bank account or e-wallet, wire transfer your winnings, or mail you a cheque.

3. Online Gambling is Budget Friendly

Costs tend to soar quickly for regular land-based casino patrons. Primarily, there are the costs of getting to and from an in-house casino. Also, you can’t simply dive into your fridge whenever you feel parched or peckish, and ordering food and drinks at a casino is not cheap.

Of course, there are psychological tricks that in-house casinos employ to keep you there for longer.  For one, there are no windows or clocks, meaning you quickly lose track of time. Additionally, dishing out complimentary drinks is very profitable for the casinos because having you guzzled increases your chances of acting more impulsively and spending more money.  

Things to Tick Off in Your Beginners Guide to Online Casinos

Before you register at an online casino and begin playing for real money, remember to go through the following essential points:

1. Hardware, Software and Connectivity

When it comes to online casinos, it’s all about the convenience.  You no longer have to venture further than your armchair to enjoy some of the best-loved casino games out there.  However, before you start, there are some requirements that you will need to meet. 

A PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone are a must since you will be accessing the online casino through one or more of these devices.  Additionally, a stable and relatively fast internet connection is needed to establish links between your device and the casino servers. 

2. Background research

The list of online casinos that are floating around the internet is enormous.  It’s essential to choose a reputable and accredited casino, to avoid any surprises.  Word-of-mouth is one of the quickest ways of checking whether a casino is trustworthy. 

Ask your friends or family who are already enjoying online gambling about their first-hand experiences.  Also, make sure you go through online casino reviews to see what other players say about a particular casino.   

3. Safety and Security

When you go to a casino website for the first time, ensure that a security lock appears next to the URL in your browser.  A lock indicates that the site is safe and encrypted. Also, if you are playing via a browser or an app, ensure you’re using the latest versions. 


You should also invest in good antivirus software to protect your system from viruses and malware when transacting online.  You can additionally check the inventory of blacklisted online casinos in Canada to know which ones to avoid.   

4. Casino Accreditation

Check out the online casino reviews and whether a casino is registered with a gambling body, such as the Malta Gaming Authority or the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.  Furthermore, even though online gambling via offshore providers is legal in Canada, acquaint yourself with the local gambling regulations to ensure you are not breaking any laws.

5. Payment and Withdrawal Options

Since most online casinos available to Canadian players are located offshore, choosing the ones that transact payments in Canadian dollars is essential.  Be wary of casinos that only accept payments in foreign currencies.

These payments usually carry a currency conversion fee of 2%-5% added by transacting bank, which increases your wagered sums and decreases your winning amounts.  Also, familiarise yourself with your deposit options and the ones that are most economical to use (e.g., credit or debit cards, e-wallet, or bank wire transfers).

6. Bonuses and Freebies

Besides being genuine, a casino also has to be generous.  Unlike in-house casinos, a reputable online casino always offers a generous welcome bonus to a first-time player.  Additionally, good online casinos will offer deposit and no-deposit bonuses.  Also, look out for online casinos that provide large jackpots, loyalty programmes, and cash prizes. 

Some casinos also offer free games where you can test-play a game before depositing real money.  All these enhance your gambling experience and increase your chances of striking it rich.

7. Select the Right Casino Game

Before starting your online gaming journey, you should decide on your wagering strengths.  Are you a slot player who likes to spin and win?  Or do you prefer more traditional table games like poker, roulette, or blackjack, where skill and luck must be on your side? 

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Most online casinos offer a wide variety of games.  Go for the ones you feel most comfortable with, and then experiment with the rest later once you’ve honed your skills.

8. Winners Know When to Stop

Yeah, yeah!  We’ve all heard this cliché a gazillion times.  But knowing when to stop can sometimes become blurred when you are neck-deep in a particularly thrilling game.  Always set a budget for the day and when you win a jackpot, throw in the towel and enjoy your winnings.  If you think you might have a gambling problem, check out our list of Canadian problem gambling hotlines nearest you.

Once you’ve ticked off all the boxes above, you should be on a clear course to a fantastic online gambling experience.  Remember, since everything with virtual casinos is done online, you will probably never see who is on the other side.  Taking the precautionary steps listed in our beginners guide to online casinos will guarantee you a hassle-free time and help you avoid any potential potholes along the way.

How to Choose the Right Casino Game for You

After selecting an online casino, your next step is to pick a game that would suit your preferences. Online casinos often spoil us for choice when it comes to their vast repertories of games. So, it’s unsurprising that you might feel overwhelmed about where to start.

Here are a few tips to help you pick a game that’s right for you:

1. Know Your Preferences

Before you select a game, determine what your preferences are. Do you seek a quick thrill or a more laidback experience? Do you prefer games with elaborate sounds and graphics or something more basic? Alternatively, are you someone who likes to strategise, or do you prefer mindless entertainment?  No game might satisfy all these criteria, but you can get to your liking as close as possible.

2. Check that the Selected Online Casino has Your Preferred Games

After determining your preferred games, find an online casino that offers these. Check out our list of best online casinos in Canada and pick your favourite one.

3. Try the Free-to-Play Game Option

Some online casinos offer free-to-pay games where you can play without using real money. This is a great way to familiarise yourself with a particular game and see if you like it before committing any real money. Alternatively, if you only seek entertainment without financial obligations, you can stick to these games and play for free.

4. Play the Latest Version of Each Game

Like any other software, games also tend to evolve. This means you can expect many sequels, especially for more popular games. When picking a game of your choice, select the latest version. However, players often prefer the originals and proactively seek them out instead of playing the latest releases. It’s always advisable to check out all the versions and variations of a game before selecting one to play.  

5. Enjoy the Experience and Feel Free to Experiment

Just because your best friend likes a particular game doesn’t mean you will enjoy it too. Play around until you find the best fit. Ultimately, it’s all about having a jolly old time, so approach it all with a pinch of salt and in good spirits.

We hope you found our beginners guide to online casinos valuable and inspirational to step forward and score some major wins. CASINOenquirer wishes you all the best!

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