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Online Casino Support Agent interviewed by the CasinoEnquirer
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Casino customer support is an integral cog in every online casino mechanism that handles all client-facing queries that players might have. 

Casino customer support is a multifaceted role that goes well beyond what most people would expect. To clarify a few things, we delved a bit deeper to discover what a casino customer support job entails, what agents deal with daily, and what makes them love their job.

Anastasia is a casino customer support specialist who has been in the business for over a decade. We thought that she would be the right person to talk to and ask a few questions about the industry.

How Did You End Up at Casino Customer Support?

I’ve always had a passion for client service, and the casino industry captivates me. I get to combine my interests with my love for helping people, so it’s definitely the ideal job for me.

Do Casino Customer Support Agents Use Pseudonyms?

Yes! Many of us use pseudonyms or abbreviated versions of our names so that they are easier to remember and customers can identify us easier. Long, complex names or foreign names that are hard to pronounce can be problematic, so staff tend to opt for a shorter version. I, for one, use the name “Anna” when I’m working.

What Are the Most Common Questions You Get Asked?

Most of the queries deal with the depositing or cashing out, transaction methods available, or the process itself. We must be familiar with each banking option and help players with all related queries or transfer them to an agent that can assist further. Bonuses are also often questioned, and we must explain the terms and conditions, how these work, and how to opt out of an automated deposit bonus.

There are plenty of questions about bonuses that players are unable to claim for some reason, and we have to explain wagering requirements and how to meet these. It’s very satisfying when you help someone cash in on promotion, plus we have the authority to issue special bonuses, which is fun!

What Are the Key Skills Required for Your Job?

You need several skills to do well as a casino customer support agent. These include the ability to be empathetic as well as adaptable, and you need a vocabulary broad enough to sound cheerful in a range of different situations. You also must communicate clearly, sometimes in numerous languages, and self-control is critical.

However, the essential skill a customer service agent needs is patience. After all, the punters reaching out to you are often frustrated, and it’s crucial that they feel heard and are processed with care.

How Has Casino Client Support Changed Over the Years?

Initially, online casino support services were only available via phone or email. Most players chose to call rather than wait for an email reply. This meant that client support agents had to regularly deal with punters telephonically and be expertly trained in addressing every query.

With the arrival of live chat, the agents had to learn a new set of skills to be able to communicate over real-time text rather than via the phone. Social media has also opened up new vistas in communication, and being able to respond quickly to queries on Twitter or Facebook has become an essential part of our job.

Any Interesting Things Folks Don’t Know About Your Job?

Approachable and available casino customer service ambassadors are the first indicators of a reputable online casino. This is especially true when new players need a bit of direction. We also keep abreast of the different games on offer and can tell you where to locate across-the-board reviews on games you’re considering playing by providing insight into them.

What’s the Best Part of Your Job?

Customer service is very satisfying as you help players resolve problems, and that’s always rewarding. Aside from helping people and using my technical skills, I love testing new games before they get released or at least having a sneak peek to see what they are about.

As casino customer support specialists, we must keep up to speed with the latest releases and comprehend them in their entirety so we know what’s hot and happening before players do! 

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