Does Stopping Slot Machine Reels Change the Game Outcome?

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Slot Machine Reels. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Many slot machine players have often wondered whether stopping slot machine reels would affect the outcome of a game. 

While playing the slots, a common question might have crossed your mind – does stopping slot machine reels alter a game’s outcome? Well, the simple answer is no. Whether a player stops all the reels or only one, the result of a spin remains unaffected.

With the addition of an instant stop button on many slot machines, players have been using this option, thinking that it might change the outcome of their game. Let’s look at some burning questions about whether it’s feasible to halt a machine or if stopping slot machine reels changes the game outcome.

Will Stopping Slot Machine Reels Help You Win?

When you play a standard slot machine with a random number generator, the outcome is determined whenever you press the spin button. Everything else that happens following that is just for show. This includes the spinning of the reels, the alignment of paylines, or bonus rounds. The game might stop the reels dead in their tracks or display all sorts of fun animations, but once you press the spin button, the outcome is already determined.

Stopping the reels in any form will not better or change the outcome. Whether or not you stop slot machine reels or wait for them to stop spinning, your spin outcome doesn’t change. Remember, the speed at which you play a slot game doesn’t change the outcome. Instead, it will change the number of bets you make during a fixed period of time.

If you decide to play slot machines faster, you’ll go through your bankroll quicker. This means you would play fewer games in an hour than if you let the wheels spin and stop automatically.

Reasons for Stopping Slot Machine Reels

If you allow the slot machine to play at its own pace by letting the reels spin and stop automatically, you would be risking less of your money. By this, we know that you’ll play the average number of games within an hour rather than rushing through a game and spending your bankroll more quickly.

When you physically stop the reels from spinning, you will be forced to click the “B” button faster and, therefore, play more games over an hour or during a session. Letting the slots do their thing will be optimal for your budget while enhancing the entertainment value. The only benefit you would derive by stopping the reels prematurely is knowing whether you would win or lose faster than if you let the gameplay continue at its own pace.

However, some players enjoy playing the games quicker for a lower stake or entertainment reasons. However, if you wish to increase your odds of winning or stop the reels for a win, all you would be doing is speeding up the process. As a result, there is no practical benefit to stopping slot machine reels.

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