7 Popular Slots Game Questions Answered

Published: 12 June 2020; Updated: 23 January 2023

Written by: BryanL

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Have you ever wondered whether online slots are better than those at in-house casinos?  Or if maximum betting is the way to go?  Read further to get answers to a few popular slot machine questions.

For a slots game newbie, the game usually appears straightforward.  But, as with any other casino game, specific questions might raise their heads further down the line.  We have compiled some of the most frequently asked slot machine questions and laid out objective answers to the dilemmas you might have encountered while playing.

1. Are Slots Games Beatable in the Long Run?

The reason why casinos exist is because they are profitable entities.  And, to remain money-making, they need to generate more moola than players earn from casinos.  The simplest way to beat a slot machine is to hit a big jackpot and call it a day.  The likelihood of you scoring an even bigger win by reinvesting your bonus money into a few more rounds is slim.  Therefore, we can assertively say that a player can’t beat the slots in the long run.  Always remember that winners know when to stop.      

2. What’s the Difference Between Progressive and Simple Jackpots?

All progressives are jackpots, but not all simple jackpots tend to be progressives.  You might feel a bit confused now, but the differentiation lies with the amount allocated by the machine towards a jackpot.  A simple jackpot is a fixed sum of money a slot guarantees to pay if you get the right combination. 

On the other hand, a progressive jackpot represents a variable sum of money that increases with each new spin by deducting a percentage of the wagered amount from all players towards the jackpot.  When a player hits a progressive jackpot, it will reset itself to a lower amount and start topping up again.    

3. Are Online Slots Better than In-house Slots?

Both online and in-house slot games operate similarly, and to assume that one pays out more than the other would be incorrect.  However, there might be a subjective differentiation due to personal preferences.  Someone who likes the hustle and bustle of a casino scene would always opt for in-house slots, while someone on the quieter side, who doesn’t have the time to travel, is more likely to pick online slots games. 

4. Are Maximum Bets the Way to Go on Slots?

This is one of those slot machine questions with an “either-or” answer.  It ultimately boils down to what your game goal is.  If you are after a sizeable jackpot, then max betting would probably be the right approach since most machines require higher bets to unlock the top prize.  Alternatively, players who wish to keep their losses to a minimum and just play for fun should consider betting lower amounts.  

5. Can Casinos Modify the House Edge on Slot Games?

Although you might feel that a slot game might be rigged after a losing streak, the truth is that you’re just having one of those days.  All respectable online casinos are registered with professional regulatory bodies, such as eCOGRA, and are subject to routine audits that eliminate the possibility of foul play. 

There’s a requirement that each game uses random number generators (RNGs) that make the outcome of each spin a result of chance.  In the end, casinos are configured to make enough money from standard gameplay that they don’t need to rig the machines.     

6. Can You Play Slots for a Cent?

You might have come across casinos that offer slot games which accept a single cent bet in exchange for a chance to win big money.  While it might sound enticing, this is pure marketing and as far from the truth as possible. 

We’ve yet to come across an online slot game that accepts a cent for a spin.  The term “penny slots” means that the minimum bet per line is one cent.  However, should you bet that low, you will never stand a chance to unlock some of the more lucrative bonuses the game might offer.   

7. How Good Are Online Slots Bonuses?

Generally, bonuses are helpful as they increase your bankroll and allow you to play for longer.  However, beware of those bonuses limiting the amount of money you can withdraw. 

This is particularly true when you hit a sizeable jackpot and must comply with withdrawal limits.  To be on the safe side, always go through each online casino’s terms and conditions and familiarise yourself with how the bonuses work before you start playing.   

Now that you have the answers to seven popular slot machine questions, you should be ready to spin and win.  Good luck and enjoy!