Are There Any Canadian Online Casinos Using PayPal?

Are there any online casinos using PayPal?

Although Canadian online casinos using PayPal as a depositing method once flourished, none are left today. PayPal is generally accepted as a payment method for various purchases in Canada. As such, some online also casinos used to accept it as a deposit and withdrawal option.

However, it’s important to note that PayPal has its policies regarding online gambling. Therefore, Canadian online casinos are no longer eligible for PayPal transactions due to their location or licensing agreements.

To determine if specific casinos worldwide accept your PayPal account, you can check their website or contact their customer support team for more information. Additionally, it is always a good idea to review the casino’s terms and conditions and ensure you’re comfortable with their payment options and policies before making any deposits or wagers.

Why Aren’t Any Canadian Online Casinos Using PayPal?

Contrary to numerous articles available on the internet, the fact is that no online casinos are using PayPal in Canada since it is not an accepted payment method.

But why is this so?

In short, PayPal is simply too “Yankee” to be used by Canadians for deposits and withdrawals at most overseas online gambling sites. The company stopped processing US online casino deposits in 2006. Slowly but surely, they began restricting other casinos using PayPal in “grey area” jurisdictions where online gambling laws are ambiguous.

Of course, in Canada, it is neither illegal nor specifically legal for locals to gamble offshore, which is about as grey as you can get. A similar situation has existed in the US since the enactment of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006, with different legal administrations interpreting the law differently.

PayPal operates on the side of caution. Consequently, it isn’t difficult to imagine why we can no longer deposit and withdraw directly except in a transient fashion. This is when an online casino site gets creative and lets the players use it until they feel the heat.

Old Tricks at Online Casinos Using PayPal

For a while, Canadian players could play at online casinos Using PayPal via secondary PayPal products such as PayPal Business Debit Mastercard and PayPal Cash. However, in 2018, the company pulled these ‘workarounds’ from the Canadian market. Currently, they are only available for US PayPal accounts.

As for PayPal digital gift cards, these are only available via eBay US, PayPal US, and Facebook Marketplace, allowing regional access only. PayPal account holders in Canada who wish to gamble with their funds from a PayPal e-wallet product shouldn’t count on it if they plan to play at overseas casinos! However, provincial sites will accept PayPal deposits and payout your bank in about four business days.

The company has placed so many hurdles in your way that using an alternative method to fund your casino account is preferable. That’s not to say it is altogether impossible.  Ask a support representative if there are any “special ways” for you to do it. Bear in mind, though, alternate methods come and go – when they appear at all.

Cryptocurrencies and Online Casinos Using PayPal

There are some holes the company has been slow to patch, allowing one way to use PayPal as a withdrawal method at overseas online casinos using PayPal that serve Canadian players. This method may change over time, although it’s been working long enough to view it as viable.

There is one condition, however. You’ll need to transact with the casino using cryptocurrency on Coinbase. While we can no longer purchase BTC or other digital currencies with a Canadian bank account or credit card, using a debit card to buy these is still possible. The process involves the following steps:

  • Purchase BTC using a Canadian debit card.
  • Deposit digital currency from Coinbase into your online casino account.
  • Win and cash out funds to Coinbase.
  • Link your PayPal and Coinbase accounts.
  • Instantaneously “sell” coins to yourself via PayPal.
  • Spend the money online or withdraw it to your Canadian bank account. It will arrive within one business day.

What Are the Alternatives to Online Casinos Using PayPal?

We scour the payment industry and offshore online casino websites for safe and secure ways Canadians can withdraw and deposit. Some methods allow only deposits, while others offer withdrawals. Although there is a shortage of Canadian online casinos using PayPal, other payment methods work for money going into and coming out of overseas casino sites. All should work for provincial lottery monopoly casinos like PlayNow, etc.

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