Selecting the Best Bets When Playing Roulette

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Roulette Bets. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Many of us think that only the high rollers get to win the spins on the wheel. However, everyone can earn sizeable payouts by using the optimal roulette bets. The key is to play the numbers right. 

So, how do you know which bets are the best to wager to increase your chances of success the next time you play roulette?

Bet 1 (Red/Black, Evens/Odds, 1-18/19-36)

There’s no other casino game that offers its players odds that are 50:50 on a bet. With any of the 50 percent chance wagers, you stand a chance to hit virtually half the wheel’s numbers (not counting the zeros), which affords an excellent opportunity to score a win. Understandably, the payout ratio will be lower at 1:1. However, considering the numbers, this betting option is likely the best and safest wager to opt for if you wish to play roulette.

Bet 2 (Columns)

If you don’t find a 1:1 payout an exciting prospect, you could up your ante with a return of 2:1 on columns. This is the second-best roulette bet for those who wish to limit their risk, as it brings the choice of numbers to less than a third of the wheel. Still, it gives a good chance of covering a large part of the wheel while offering the opportunity to double your profits.

Roulette columns don’t use consecutive numbers. Instead, numbers are counted at intervals of three. There are also different black and red numbers in each column, with the double zero and zero not included.

Bet 3 (Black & Third Column or Red & Second Column)

If you’d prefer to hedge your bets, this option could be for you. The third column on the board has eight red and four black numbers, while the second column has eight black and four red numbers.

As a shrewd player, you could benefit from this layout by betting on the third column with its additional red numbers simultaneously while betting on the black numbers (e.g., place a CA$10 wager on the third column, as well as a CA$20 stake on the black numbers). This gives you an excellent chance of making a profit or, at least, breaking even.

Bet 4 (Straight-Up Bets)

Perhaps you aren’t that interested in minimising your risk and are willing to go all out for maximum profit. If this is the case, then a straight-up bet is the best for you. This means that you bet on a single number and hope for the best. The risk is high, but so is the potential reward, which stands at 35:1. This is also the only type of a bet in which you can bet on zero or double zero.

So, what are the odds? If you have a CA$350 bankroll, you would theoretically make 35 successive bets of CA$10 each before your bankroll gets decimated. However, if you only win once, you win CA$350. The chance of getting the number you’ve bet on is just 1 in 37. However, if you yearn for that reward, the risk might be worth it.

Bet 5 (Split Bet)

If you are not ready to risk it all on a single straight-out bet, but you still hope to maximise your profits, go for a mix of risk and reward with a split bet. This means that you would place a chip on two numbers adjacent to one another, either horizontally or vertically. The payout here would be 17:1, which is much lower than the cashout on a successful straight bet. Nonetheless, the odds are also better, at 18:1.

Are you ready to risk the bankroll and try your hand at one of these bets to see if you could make a profit? Whether you hope to make as much as possible without any risk, or you’d rather play safe and take the best chance of winning, albeit with a smaller reward, there’s are best bets or roulette tips here to suit you.

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