Is it Better to Play Slots Fast or Slow?

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Is it better to play slots fast or slow? That is the question, with many players considering the pace of their game to be pivotal to their success rate.

Playing slots is all about time, and it often takes many hours in front of a machine before a substantial win might come your way. However, your slot machine choice should not be based on how slowly or quickly its reels spin but the return to player (RTP) percentage.

It is advisable to take your time when playing slots. However, it’s normal to wonder what your gaming pace should be when playing a machine. Ultimately, when deciding whether it is better to play slots fast or slow, you should consider a few factors:

Reasons to Play Slots Slowly

Playing slots at a slower speed could be better for you, depending on your gaming style. There are various advantages of playing slower, which include:

Proper Bankroll Management

Slot games can be quick or slow, depending on your preferences, but fast-paced games make it more challenging for players to keep track of their bankroll. Slower games give you time to understand your expenditures and offer you more room to decide when you should quit. Play slot games slower to manage your cash better!

Enjoy the Game Fully

There’s nothing wrong with devoting your time to pure enjoyment. However, with so many elements incorporated into online slots, it makes sense that, to enjoy them all, you should play at a slower pace. So slow down and fully appreciate the game’s features while you’re at it.

Reasons to Play Slots Faster

Gamblers usually get a rush from playing fast-paced games. Some even assume that playing quicker is the only way to receive rewards consistently. See below the benefits of playing fast-paced slots:

There’s No Time to Second-Guess yourself

Slot players tend to argue themselves out of making sound judgments. A speedier playing style allows players to adhere to their original game plan, which is usually correct. Players take fewer chances in fast-paced games than in slower ones. If you’re lucky, you could win more quicker in a fast-paced game.

Convenient Playing Method

All you have to do in a fast-paced slot game is press the spin button. In addition, the autoplay mode helps speed things up because you won’t have to pause each time you spin the wheel. Simply enable the autoplay option and sit back and relax. With this play format, the game goes quicker, and you won’t have to drag yourself through any losing streaks.

Theory Behind Slow or Fast Slots

Some gamblers assume that playing quicker or slower somehow affects the slot machine. However, this is not the case. In certain circumstances, gamblers would play a slot machine until they win. Once they’ve won, they might gradually increase the game’s pace as additional victories come.

Simultaneously, some players swear by random number generators. The premise of this hypothesis is often tough to trust. In contrast, if the player has not yet had any wins, they will likely play significantly slower.

Some players can play hundreds of spins in an hour, so they risk a lot of money by playing rapidly. If you play a slot machine with a CA$1 stake, you may lose CA$600 if you play at a frequency of 600 spins per hour.

If the slot machine has a 95 percent payback rate, you may expect to lose around CA$30 each hour. Likely, at that rate, you would soon deplete your cash. On the other hand, your projected loss would be CA$15 if you slowed down and played 300 spins each hour. This would not only make your bankroll last longer but is also a healthier pace for playing online slots.

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Bojan Lipovic - Digital Project Manager

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