How to Get the Most Out of Casino Comps

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Receiving something free from a gambling venue is the ultimate treat and knowing how to get the most out of your casino comps is a must.

Earning casino comps when playing slots or table games is one of the top benefits that the best legit online casinos for Canadian players offer. Casino comps stretch your bankroll further, offering you more winning opportunities.

On average, casinos tend to return between 10% and 15% of your total spend in comps, although these usually can’t be exchanged for cash. Casino software is pre-programmed to analyse a player’s playtime and the betted amount and issue a dollar amount in the form of amenities and meals.

Here are some casino comps secrets that will let you get the most bang for your buck:

Register a Player Card

Many gamblers don’t want to sign up for casino player cards because they’d rather stay in the dark when it comes to the sums they spend at the tables. However, even when you play penny slots with a player card, your gameplay will reward you, and you might get a few free meals as a reward for playing.

Identify Top Deals

Always ask around to find out about any specials and check online to discover which casinos offer top welcome bonuses. Many casinos provide registration bonuses between CA$10 and CA$25 as soon as you register a player card. There are also other first-play incentives, such as free accommodation or logo wear, based on your spending. Try your local casinos, get as many comps as possible, and then move on to the next.

Accept Mail

When you register with a casino, you can choose to either accept or decline emails. If you select not to receive them, you’d miss out on specials and offers throughout the year. Registered players receive messages about the latest promotions, coupons for free play, and free accommodation offers at casino hotels, so make sure you never miss out!

Use Meal Deals

Most casinos offer excellent value meal deals with a certain number of points, including discounted lunch buffets or free breakfasts. For this offer, you usually collect a voucher at the club desk without any points being deducted from your player account.

Respect the Dealers

If you play the slots, it’s OK to have a tantrum and get annoyed with the machine – after all, it’s not alive and frankly doesn’t care. But, if you play at the tables, try to be nice to the dealers.

This would make your gameplay more enjoyable, and you’d also be treated better than if you were rude. Being pleasant can result in your play or your average bets being rounded up. Those changes can make a difference in the end.

Beware Expiring Points

A critical mistake that players make regarding casino comps is to allow points to expire without using them. Your comp points at any casino often expire after about a year, so make sure you’ve cashed them to avoid waste.

Use Special Casino Rates

Many hotels offer special casino rates for their rooms, meaning that gamblers are offered a significantly better price depending on how much they play. And it’s not only high rollers that get offered these discounted rates. As long as you use your card and play regularly, you will remain eligible.

Even better, this isn’t classified as part of the casino comps, and you’d be given the discount without having to use your points. While you can’t use these special rates during holidays or weekends, you are in for a treat if you can stay between Sunday and Thursday. Always approach the pit boss to inquire about discounted rates after playing for a while. They will need to know you’re willing to play before cutting the price.

Stealth Points

Some people think it’s impossible to earn casino comps while in stealth mode. However, there are a few ways to get some free points. For example, if you play with a friend who has no card, obtain a duplicate of yours and get them to use it. While you should never ask a stranger to do this, there’s no harm if you know the other punter and they are comfortable with it.

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