Understanding Casino Bonuses and Their Terminology

casino bonuses
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Bonuses are freebies given by casinos to their players to reward and entice them to spend, although understanding these bonuses and their terms can sometimes be tricky.

Casinos dish out bonuses to attract new players and make existing ones play more.  The casino rationale is that if you enjoy playing, you will continue to play and end up using more of your own money. 

Players who’ve never played at an online casino before often wish to try out some games before spending real money. There are also existing players who may want to try out a different game to the one they usually play. Bonuses allow players to stretch their gambling skills and try out something new.

There are numerous types of bonuses, and each one is unique.

Free No Deposit Bonuses

Look for casinos that offer no deposit bonuses, which give players a limited amount of free money to play with. This allows players to try out several games or few sites without any risk. Players usually need to register on a casino website by providing an email address to claim a no deposit bonus.

While no deposit bonuses sound impressive, you always need to read the fine print. Players who win using casino money may need to make a deposit before withdrawing their winnings. Each casino has a different formula regarding how much one can draw, so check the promotional tabs on the site.  Promotion tabs will give you the fine print before you decide to play.

Be careful when you choose a casino. An average online casino will usually offer free bonuses up to CA$500. If you come across an online casino that gives you thousands of dollars of free play money, beware. Usually, these sites are a sham and want your personal information, or they will not pay if you win.

No deposit bonuses come in various forms. Some casinos offer bonus codes when you provide your email address. These codes are usually time-sensitive, so ensure you have read how long you have to play. Other casinos offer complimentary spins. These free spins are generally on one specific game. In that case, you can’t transfer the spins to another game.

While free money and new player bonuses are exclusively available to new players, free spins can be awarded to everyone, with you only having to hold an active player account.

Timed Promo Bonuses

There are online casinos that offer limited-time promotions. These offers may work out better than the new player or free cash bonuses because they are available to all players, and not just new ones. Remember, as with all no deposit bonuses, you must read the fine print.

Some timed promos require you to pay back your spins or free money before you cash out. Others have wagering requirements linked to a specific amount of your own money spent. Many timed promotions have no strings attached, making them ideal if you wish to test out a new game.

Casino Deposit Bonuses

Casinos try to attract new players through deposit bonuses. Usually, casinos provide flat bonuses or percentage bonuses to all new players. Flat bonuses are occasionally a dollar-for-dollar match up to a specific amount. A percentage bonus offers new gamblers the chance to win a percentage of the amount they pay in.

Again, this is generally up to a certain amount. As with all the other bonuses, you need to read the fine print. Some deposit bonuses require you to deposit more money to withdraw your winnings. If you are ever confused about the bonus conditions, reread the terms.

Online casinos regularly offer different bonuses all at once.  With some luck, you’ll be able to take advantage of these and build up your winnings over time. You’ll also score valuable practice time on new games, which will assist you to win more money in the long run. Good luck and happy bonusing!

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