The Benefits of Being a Casino High Roller

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Casino high rollers are the industry’s cash cows, and almost all casinos go the extra mile to cater to these lucrative clients with an array of phenomenal benefits.

If the road ever takes you to the gambling meccas like Macao and Las Vegas, you will often notice cordoned off sections at all major casinos that are exclusively reserved for VIP guests and high-rollers.  Within these designated areas, you will find VIP lounges, free bars, private poker suites, and personal cashiers.

High rollers are the main money generators for any casino.  A typical high roller is an individual who is well off and has ample money to use for high-value bets. However, they can also be players who gamble regularly and do not shy away from leaving sizeable tips after each visit. 

Here are a few benefits that you can expect if you can afford to be a casino high roller:

Faster, Personalised Service

When you’re a member of the high-roller club, the casino tries to pamper you at every step, with an assistant always a few meters away to top up your drink, fetch you a bite from the kitchen, or exchange your casino chips. You are guaranteed to get an around-the-clock A-list treatment until your wallet runs dry. Online casinos usually provide personal account managers and live dealers who are more attentive to players while delivering fantastic service, including speedier withdrawals and cashouts.   

Exclusive Gaming Areas

High-limit suites in casinos ooze with luxury in terms of layout, decor, and personalised offers to gamblers with pockets full of cash. Interacting with players of this calibre could see you rubbing shoulders with anyone from politicians and celebrities to royalty and industrial tycoons. 

These rooms feature separate entrances and fast check-ins, high-stakes tables, and exclusive lounge areas. When it comes to online casinos, most have virtual VIP members-only rooms. Although these don’t offer the luxury of a land-based casino, the rooms tend to see fewer players, which means that you can relax more and play at your own pace.

Higher Limits 

In addition to speedier cashouts, VIP programmes include higher cashout and withdrawal limits. While the minimum stake in many games could be as high as US$100,000 a hand, the winnings that you could take away with you in a single night could be gobsmacking.

If you score big as an online VIP, the crediting of your account will be much quicker than a standard player account, and you’ll have someone to assist you with every single cent of the winnings.

Personalised Account Managers

In the VIP rooms, members are taken care of by the cashier handlers and have personal assistants at their disposal at all times. In online gambling, casinos usually offer monthly subscriptions to their VIP programmes, including players’ own personal account managers. Additionally, since VIPs always spend a lot of money, they are treated with priority, and their transactions get processed much faster. 

Credit Lines

Another perk of VIPs at a land-based casino is extended credits lines. This means that players with fat wallets automatically get an instant loan to gamble with. This credit can be as much as US$10,000 worth of chips. However, this is just a strategy for the casino to get the high rollers to place huge bets.  Ultimately, most of these are likely to be recouped back by the casino eventually.

Birthday Rewards and Custom Gifts  

Free bonuses and bets are guaranteed for high rollers, but the casinos will often send you personalised gifts to make your day a bit more special when you have an anniversary or a birthday.

Usually, this will be in the form of free bets or complimentary reward points.  However, some casinos go as far as sending you on a luxurious vacation or a weekend break if you’re subscribed to their highest tier. Other perks can include free tickets to concerts, theatres, and events. 

For most of us, we’ll probably never get a taste of what the high rolling casino life is like. But before you start to feel disheartened, remember that a casino’s sole purpose is to get players to flush away as much cash as possible. So, while it might appear that the VIPs are getting all this lavish treatment, who is really winning here? We’ll let you decide.

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