Why do All Successful Casinos Have Adjoining Hotels?

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By combining lodging and entertainment, large-scale casinos can offer their clients a comprehensive product that is more appealing for extended stays.  

Casino hotels are the products of Las Vegas. Following World War II, Nevada experienced an economic boom. Casinos were already legal, although the owners of the up-and-coming casino resorts in Las Vegas wanted something novel, compared to the casinos in Europe.

There wasn’t that much Sin City could offer visitors at the time because there were no nearby tourist attractions. As a result, casinos decided to incorporate entertainment and accommodation into their offering. The 1950s hotels offered slot machines, table games, and acts big enough to attract visitors. As a result, Nevada did not need to have tourist attractions if it could create its own.

Many modern gambling resorts have followed the Las Vegas model by including large hotels with sprawling entertainment complexes alongside their casinos. In fact, instead of hotels and casinos shrinking, they’ve been progressively expanding over time.

Why Do Casino Hotels Rank the Best?

There are a few reasons why hotels based alongside casinos remain appealing to visitors:

1. Inclusivity

People love casino hotels because they offer all-inclusive packages. This means that you don’t have to pay for drinks, food, or tips. Often, you can add additional activities to your hotel package, such as spa or sporting services. Casinos also have packages that cover tipping. Recently, casino hotels have begun targeting families, too, by offering family packages.

2. Security

Today, most of us share misgivings about the levels of privacy and security. When gamblers visit a new destination, they want to be assured of their safety. Casino hotels are very conscious about keeping their licenses and are renowned for being some of the safest and most secure facilities globally.

Casino hotels often employ independent security, have regular police patrols, or hire police officers. Because so much money floats around a casino daily, any hint of suspicious activity immediately gets flagged. Moreover, if people are acting suspiciously, they are removed from the premises. Also, the casino will quickly remove loud or aggressive people, giving the gamblers a sense of security not found elsewhere.

3. Comps

Hotel casinos can offer more comps than any other business. If you are a high roller that’s known to the casino, you’ll often get your room for free. You may also get free services and meals, depending on how much you spend.

If you’re a regular, you can be assured that the casino will give you plenty of freebees for your money. However, suppose you aren’t a high roller, but just a member of a player’s club. There may be some perks in the bag for you, too, so don’t shy away from asking.

4. Entertainment

One of the primary reasons people flock to gambling resorts is the entertainment. In most cases, people can eat, drink, enjoy spa treatments, and watch sporting events or concerts all under one roof. Casino resorts have become sprawling complexes with on-site water lands, swimming pools, and amusement parks.

Are Casino Hotels Successful?

There are currently four casino hotels that funnel in over a billion dollars in revenue each year. These include the MGM’s Bellagio Casino Resort, the MGM Grand, the Venetian, and the Palazzo.  To reach such levels of profit, you need to be doing something right.    

Hotel casinos are successful for several reasons, including attractions that other competitors can’t provide. Their sheer size means that you can drink and eat at fine restaurants, see the latest concerts, or even attend a pool party or an art exhibition.

You can also shop for hours and do all this without ever having to leave the property. Additionally, guests can gamble or stroll around casino properties feeling safe and secure. Casino hotels can also offer packages that no one else can match. Therefore, it’s no wonder they are so profitable.

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