Best Casino Reward Programs in Canada (2024)

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Casino reward incentives come in various forms, from welcome bonuses and free spins to loyalty points and VIP programs.

Online casinos use reward programs as part of their marketing strategy to attract new players and keep the existing ones. Welcome offers remain the most popular drawcard for attracting prospective gamblers to new casinos and usually contain free spins and credits.

Simultaneously, perks and promotions like VIP and casino loyalty programs reward existing players and keep them coming for more. From players’ perspective, it’s usually not the graphics or design that determine a top-notch online casino, but what the player can get in terms of casino reward offers and other freebies.

Read further for our list of the best online casinos that offer top rewards programs for Canadian players and things to look out for when choosing the right casino rewards program.

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Best Casino Rewards Sites and Promotions

2,500 Loyalty Points upon registration
18+ (Not valid in Ontario) | Play Responsibly | Terms and Conditions Apply
18+ (Not valid in Ontario) | Play Responsibly | Terms and Conditions Apply
Jackpot Village logo
Automatic VIP membership upon registration
18+ (Not valid in Ontario) | Play Responsibly | Terms and Conditions Apply
18+ (Not valid in Ontario) | Play Responsibly | Terms and Conditions Apply
Ruby Fortune logo
2,500 Loyalty Points upon registration
18+ (Not valid in Ontario) | Play Responsibly | Terms and Conditions Apply
18+ (Not valid in Ontario) | Play Responsibly | Terms and Conditions Apply
Jonny Jackpot Logo
500 Loyalty Points upon registration
18+ (Not valid in Ontario) | Play Responsibly | Terms and Conditions Apply
18+ (Not valid in Ontario) | Play Responsibly | Terms and Conditions Apply
Spin Casino logo
Exclusive benefits to regular players
18+ (Not valid in Ontario) | Play Responsibly | Terms and Conditions Apply
18+ (Not valid in Ontario) | Play Responsibly | Terms and Conditions Apply
888 Casino Logo
Earn Comp Points by playing any game
18+ (Not valid in Ontario) | Play Responsibly | Terms and Conditions Apply
18+ (Not valid in Ontario) | Play Responsibly | Terms and Conditions Apply
LeoVegas logo
Regular monthly VIP prizes for each tier
18+ (Not valid in Ontario) | Play Responsibly | Terms and Conditions Apply
18+ (Not valid in Ontario) | Play Responsibly | Terms and Conditions Apply

Best Casino Rewards Programs in Canada

A robust casino rewards loyalty program is the foundation of any top-performing online casino’s offering. Most players would not spend a cent at a casino that doesn’t offer at least something symbolic to “give back”. Ultimately, joining a casino and claiming its rewards depends on your preferences.

Here’s our list of the best casino loyalty rewards at online casinos for Canadian players:


Jackpotcity logo new


Plus C$1600 Welcome Bonus

Besides being one of the top online casinos, JackpotCity also offers a superb casino rewards loyalty program. JackpotCity offers a multi-layered loyalty program, with players earning points each time they place a bet. These points are exchangeable, in predetermined increments, for bonus credits at the casino. Certain games on the casino’s repertoire accumulate more points than others.

All players who register a new account join the Bronze level and automatically receive 2,500 loyalty points. As the players continue to wager and earn more points, they move up the various program tiers, which include Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Privé.

JackpotCity loyalty tiers

The casino awards bonus credits for the exchanged points and adds these to the player’s casino loyalty bonus balance. Players can then use these points to continue playing. The JackpotCity Casino loyalty program is free, and player registration is automatic.  

Jonny Jackpot

Jonny Jackpot Logo


Plus C$1000 Welcome Bonus With 100 Bonus Spins

Jonny Jackpot offers new and existing players a comprehensive rewards program spread across five tiers. The total amount of the player’s wager each month determines their tier. Here are the minimum monthly rates needed to reach each tier:

  • 1st Loyalty Tier: 0 – 2,249
  • 2nd Loyalty Tier: 2,250
  • 3rd Loyalty Tier: 15,000
  • 4th Loyalty Tier: 75,000

The rewards program journey begins with 500 Loyalty Points allocated to all new players, ensuring they get their Jonny Jackpot adventure started on the right foot. Loyalty Points can be exchanged for bonus funds once they accumulate to 1,000. For each 1,000 loyalty points redeemed, the player gets CA$5 bonus funds.

Different games contribute differently towards Loyalty Points. Players can earn the following points for each C$10 they wager:

Leo Vegas

LeoVegas logo


Plus C$2000 Welcome Bonus With 100 Bonus Spins

The casino rewards VIP scheme at LeoVegas, also known as the LeoVegas VIP Program, allows all players to experience the benefits of being treated like VIPs. The well-rounded program combines roaring treats, fantastic surprises, and top service levels.

leo vegas vip program

A player’s VIP level depends on where they are along the VIP bar. This bar is displayed on the user profile and shows a percentage of how far a player is from reaching the next VIP level. The bar continues to grow incrementally with each new real money bet that gets placed.  

Besides regular smaller prizes, players can participate in monthly VIP draws and stand a chance to win exciting rewards like the latest Apple products or exclusive VIP event invitations. Subsequently, one lucky lion or lioness from each VIP group gets a grand prize. All winners are given unique casino rewards bonus codes, which enable them to choose a reward from the prize shop or opt for the cash alternative.

Jackpot Village

Jackpot Village logo


Plus C$2000 Welcome Bonus With 50 Bonus Spins

At Jackpot Village, each player is treated like a VIP. As soon as a player makes their first deposit, they get automatically enrolled for a complete VIP membership review. This guarantees access to outstanding VIP benefits and ensures that players have fun while gambling responsibly in a safe and secure environment.

After joining, the player is placed under the care of a friendly VIP host, who will keep them up to date regarding their VIP profile and notify them whenever they are eligible for a tier upgrade. The Jackpot Village rewards program is divided into four tiers, starting at Silver and progressing to Gold, Platinum, and Elite.

The best thing about the program is that Jackpot Village matches the tier status of VIP players from other casinos for a 30-day trial period. Of course, higher-tier players receive better prizes like tickets to the Grand Prix or UEFA Europa League and holidays to far-flung exotic destinations.

Ruby Fortune

Ruby Fortune logo


Plus C$750 Welcome Bonus

Ruby Fortune offers a free-to-join and free-to-earn Loyalty Program to all new players. For starters, this rewards casino gives a complimentary 2,500 points to all players upon registration. Players start accumulating points following each cash wager. These can be exchanged for bonus credits that players can spend as they please. And it’s not only the points players earn but also tons of other accompanying perks.

Each tier level at Ruby Fortune unlocks its unique set of rewards – and the higher a player gets, the more personal the prizes become. These include tailored bonus offers, faster point-earning potential, a broad selection of competitions, and 24/7 access to a dedicated support team.

Ruby Fortune’s Loyalty Program helps players reach wins they never thought possible. Players earn points and redeem these for bonus credits, which can be used to play and win.

Spin Casino

Spin Casino logo


Plus C$1000 Welcome Bonus

The Spin Casino Loyalty Program offers exclusive benefits and perks to regular players. By accumulating casino loyalty points through normal gameplay, players can progress through tiers, unlocking higher levels that bring increased rewards, personalized offers, and priority customer service. The program offers bonus credits, casino rewards free spins, cashback, and access to exclusive events.

Each wager contributes to earning points, and as players ascend the loyalty ladder, they gain access to more lucrative benefits, such as faster point accumulation rates and tailored casino rewards promotions. The Spin Casino Loyalty Program encourages player engagement, retention, and appreciation, ensuring loyal members receive enhanced gaming experiences and valuable incentives for continued support.


888 Casino Logo


Plus C$1500 Welcome Bonus

The 888 VIP Casino Club, 888casino’s rewards program, is an all-access pass to a bountiful world of exclusive VIP events and promotions. All rewards program members get full access to 888casino and 777, where they can enjoy glitzy events, top-notch promotions, and a dedicated casino rewards VIP support team to assist with all queries.  

Some of the more popular prizes at this rewards casino include the latest tech gadgets, weekend getaways, jewellery, FreePlay vouchers, and cash bonuses. The VIP Casino Club also hosts regular exclusive events for VIPs. These take place globally and include sports events, luxurious weekend getaways, top concerts, and star-studded performances.

888casino comp points

Additionally, all players earn Comp Points by playing any game at 888casino. You simply play your favourite game, earn points as you play, and redeem these points for cash to continue playing. The conversion rate for Comp Points is C$10 = 1,5 Comp Points.

Choosing the Right Casino Rewards Program for You

Let’s face it – almost all online casinos have loyalty programs with which they vie for the loyalty of their players. So, choosing the best scheme out there to earn rewards can be tricky. Here are a few factors to consider when selecting an excellent casino rewards loyalty program:

Reward Offerings

A top-tier casino rewards program offers a range of exclusive benefits tailored to its loyal members. These include VIP treatment with personalized customer support, higher withdrawal limits, and faster processing times. Members receive lucrative bonuses such as cashback rewards, tailored promotions, and special access to high-stakes tournaments or events.

Additionally, they enjoy luxury perks like complimentary gifts, vacations, and invitations to VIP experiences. The program prioritizes rewarding player loyalty by providing valuable incentives, enhancing the overall gaming experience, and ensuring top-tier members feel appreciated and motivated to continue their patronage and earn rewards as they go along.

Earning Rate

The earning rate of a top casino rewards program typically grants loyalty points based on wagering amounts for various online casino games. For instance, every C$10 to C$100 wagered earns one loyalty point. Higher tiers might offer accelerated rates, allowing players to accumulate points faster, rewarding their higher levels of gameplay and engagement.

Tier Structure

A tier-based casino rewards loyalty program often consists of multiple levels or tiers, starting from a basic entry level and advancing to higher tiers based on player activity. As players progress through tiers by accumulating points, they unlock increasing benefits such as exclusive bonuses, personalized offers, dedicated support, and VIP privileges.

Redemption Flexibility

Redemption flexibility allows members to convert accumulated points into casino rewards bonus credits, merchandise, luxury items, travel packages, or cash. Members can choose rewards that best suit their preferences, enhancing their gaming experience.

Luxury items

Expiration Policies

Expiration policies often involve a time limit, commonly ranging from several months to a year, after which unused points or rewards may expire, encouraging regular engagement and redemption within the stipulated timeframe.

Special Promotions

Top casino rewards programs offer special promotions like VIP tournaments, luxury giveaways, and personalized bonuses. Exclusive events, tailored gifts, and expedited withdrawals cater to high-tier members. Seasonal offers, birthday rewards, and unique experiences elevate the gaming journey, ensuring exceptional treatment and heightened excitement for loyal patrons.

Comps for Non-Gaming Activities

Top casino rewards programs often offer comps or complimentary benefits for non-gaming activities, such as fine dining, hotel stays, entertainment events, spa treatments, and shopping. These perks cater to loyal members, providing luxurious experiences beyond the gaming floor, aiming to enhance their overall resort and entertainment experience.

fine dining


Transparent rewards programs openly disclose their terms, conditions, and benefits to members. They provide clear information regarding point accrual, redemption rates, tier qualifications, and available rewards. Transparent communication fosters trust, ensuring players understand the program’s value and feel confident participating.

Track Record

A top casino rewards program boasts a stellar track record of providing unparalleled benefits, including exclusive bonuses, VIP treatment, cashback offers, and personalized services. It demonstrates consistent commitment to customer satisfaction, transparency in rewarding loyal players, and continuous innovation to meet evolving player needs, ensuring an exceptional gaming experience.

Cost of Participation

Participation in a top-tier casino rewards program usually requires players to register for membership, which is generally free. Members earn points by wagering real money on online slots and other online casino games. The accumulation of points determines their loyalty level, unlocking various perks and benefits.

Consistent gameplay or meeting minimum wagering requirements might be necessary to maintain participation. Online casinos grant access to exclusive events, personalized rewards, and higher-tier privileges as incentives for active participation in the program.

Register for free

Long-Term Value

A top casino rewards program offers long-term value by incentivizing player loyalty through various benefits. Members earn points from regular gameplay on online slots and other games, unlocking rewards like cashback, free spins, and bonus credits.

Higher tiers grant access to casino rewards VIP benefits, dedicated account managers, and tailored promotions, ensuring continued engagement and superior experiences. The program’s longevity lies in its ability to consistently provide substantial incentives and exceptional treatment to valued players, fostering lasting relationships and sustained patronage.

Comparison with Competitors

The top casino rewards programs, like the ones discussed in this article, stand out due to their multi-tiered structure, offering tailored rewards and personalized benefits to players based on their loyalty level.

Compared to competitors, these programs offer diverse perks, including exclusive promotions, faster point accumulation, and dedicated customer support. They excel by providing a comprehensive suite of rewards that cater to individual player preferences, ensuring a more engaging and rewarding gaming experience.

Stick to the Best Casino Rewards Canada Offers

The various casino rewards programs in Canada offer diverse benefits and incentives to enhance players’ gaming experiences. While each program boasts unique features, the best ones prioritize personalized rewards, multi-tiered structures, and tailored promotions.

Exclusive bonuses, faster point accumulation, dedicated customer service, and a wide range of perks contribute to distinguishing top-tier programs. Ultimately, the best casino rewards programs cater to the individual preferences of players, fostering loyalty and delivering exceptional value through their comprehensive offerings in the competitive Canadian gambling landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Casinos often track players’ spending through loyalty programs, player cards, or electronic systems to analyze gambling habits and offer targeted rewards.

Casino rewards loyalty points may expire if not utilized within a specified timeframe set by the casino’s terms and conditions.

To maximize casino rewards, use a casino rewards loyalty card, participate in promotions, play strategically within budget limits, and redeem rewards promptly to benefit from the program’s perks and bonuses.

Casino tier credits are earned based on players’ betting and spending, determining their tier level within a loyalty program, and granting access to various benefits and perks corresponding to that tier.

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