What do VIP Players Get from Online Casinos?

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The more you spend, the more you get is the underlying principle of online casino VIP programmes.  And, some of these can be quite generous when it comes to enticing top players to continue their spending streaks.

Different forms of loyalty programmes have been around for some time.  One of the best-known examples of loyalty schemes is the frequent flyer programme offered by airlines, whereby passengers earn complimentary travel miles, depending on the number of flights that they travel on.  These free miles can be redeemed for flights, once a sufficient amount is accumulated.

Online casinos apply similar logic.  These do not only use VIP programmes to reward their top players but also to monitor their playing patterns to work out how to best position their service in accordance with the clients’ needs. In essence, the more you spend, the higher will be your incentive.

Paying for Playing

The simplest definition of online casino VIP loyalty programmes can be summarised as follows: bets convert to points and points turn to freebies.

These freebies can come in the form of physical or experiential incentives or can be converted back into cash for the players to reuse during gambling.  Ultimately, loyalty programmes act as a magnet. The more generous the loyalty programme that an online casino offers, the higher the chances of a player coming back and gambling there again.

How to Become a VIP?

Loyalty programmes at online casinos are usually referred to as VIP programmes.  Unlike in-house casinos, where a player needs to register additionally to become a member of a loyalty programme, online casino players automatically join a club after placing their first bet.

Of course, you can always decline the membership of a loyalty scheme and ask to be deregistered.  However, this would be counterproductive, since you will be missing out on all the freebies and gifts that you are bound to earn, as you continue to spend more money.

Amount Spent Determines Your VIP Level

While we all like VIP status, at online casinos, some VIPs are more “distinguished” than others.  VIP programmes are multi-layered schemes.  Everyone starts on a basic level (e.g. bronze) although, from that point on, your wagering activity and the number of deposits will determine how fast you will progress up the ranks.

As you progress through the various VIP levels, you will notice that your points will often add up much faster and the range of benefits available to you will also widen.  The way that points accumulate also varies from one online casino to the next, but it’s usually a fraction of the amount spent that gets added to the VIP kitty.  For example, for every CA$10 that you might spend in bets, you could get awarded with one VIP point, and so on.

The Perks of VIP Programmes

As we mentioned, the generosity of the VIP programmes is dependent on each casino.  Some will only offer the option of cashing in your points for free plays, while others will even provide things like appliances, cars and overseas trips.

Here are a few types of rewards that you might be eligible for from a VIP programme:

  • Reloaded bonuses
  • Cashback
  • Faster point accumulation
  • Invitation-only tournaments
  • Automatic entry into draws
  • VIP concierge
  • Vacations
  • Birthday gifts

Identifying the Best VIP Programmes

While we all have our personal preferences, excellent VIP loyalty programmes should include:

  • Automatic opt-in
  • Rewards that exceed deposit matching
  • Multi-layered status levels and clearly defined way how to reach each level and what the unique benefits of each one are
  • Cashback without wagering requirements

Even if you’re not a fan of online bonuses that have wagering requirements attached to them, you can still derive benefit from various VIP programmes. You’re not obliged to accept any offers that come your way but, whether you are a high roller or a standard player, you may be pleasantly surprised by how quickly your points can accumulate. Once you reach a higher-level status, the free rewards can be significant, and all you have to do is continue playing to earn more.

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