Avoid Online Casino Disputes: Why You Need to Read the Online Casino Terms and Conditions

Published: 11 March 2020

Written by: BryanL

Online casino disputes

Let’s face it.  Our everyday lives are full of disputes.  From shopping receipts to advertised discounts and even rules of the road, disagreements can rear their ugly heads around many a corner.  The good news is that most of these get resolved pretty effortlessly, where and when they occur. 

Online casinos are no strangers to disputes.  As an “invisible entity”, you never really get to see in person the faces behind the online casino site, which makes the prospect of a dispute that much more daunting.  Having the know-how to avoid disputes and adhering to individual casino terms and conditions is just one of the ways that disagreement can be avoided, ultimately saving you time and energy that it would take to go through a formal dispute process. 

Common Types of Online Casino Disputes

One of the most common disputes that players have tends to center around online casino bonuses.  Many different types of bonuses can be awarded to players at various stages of their online casino journey.  Although sometimes appearing as unfair, the granting of bonuses is usually governed by the terms and conditions of the specific online casino.

Another common issue is that the player deems the gameplay to be skewed or unfair.  In this instance, tracking of games and calculating averages could determine if this is the case or not.   

How to Prevent Online Casino Disputes

Avoiding disagreements with casinos should always be your top priority.  One way to be proactive and offset any possible disputes would be to play at a legal online casino that is registered and has some excellent online casino reviews from satisfied players.  Another meaningful action would be to scrutinise the terms and conditions of the casino and grasp the rules that govern play, before registering.             

The other side of the coin is unethical players, who look for legal vacuums to challenge online casinos and even try to cheat their way to winnings.  Players should avoid cheating as it can lead to both an expulsion from an online casino and possible legal action taken by the casino to recuperate the lost money.

Ultimately, the most effective way to pinpoint those casinos where the possibility of disputes is lowest would be to ask someone that you know, who is also an online gambler.  This will provide you with first-hand information to use when choosing your preferred online casino. 

Also, take a look at the authority that has issued the online casino with a license and whether it is a reputable institution.  You can also note the software platform that is used, the length of time the casino has been operational, how favourable the terms and conditions are, as well as whether the casino is part of a regulatory agency.

Online Casino Terms and Conditions

Carefully scrutinising all the terms and conditions in advance will familiarise you with the rules and regulations governing gameplay and other essential aspects at the online casino.  The terms and conditions will allow you to determine whether there are sufficient benefits for you to play there, which might include the availability of bonuses, ease of depositing and cashing out and access to help. 

Ultimately, keep in mind that lawyers compile the terms and conditions document on behalf of the online casinos.  Its primary purpose is both to disclose to players the rules and regulations and, more importantly, to protect the casino from possible disputes that may arise between players and the casino.

An important thing to note in the terms and conditions are the geographical restrictions that govern payouts and timings of these, whereby players in certain countries cannot receive winnings from online casinos based in another country due to legal limitations.  The players should also familiarise themselves with rules governing bonuses and when these are paid out.

How to Resolve Online Casino Disputes

The first step to resolving any dispute that might arise between you and a casino would be to notify the casino client support department of your issue.  To avoid any unnecessary tension, communication should be conducted in a neutral manner, avoiding any heated outbursts.  Should you not receive a satisfactory response from a client support agent, ask to speak to a supervisor. 

When arguing your case with the online casino, you must have all the evidence and facts that you need to make your claim as effective as possible.  Things like the message trail between you and the casino, necessary screenshots from the gameplay when you experienced the problem, and a copy of the terms and conditions can prove useful in your discussions. 

To speed up the process, link your current dispute to the relevant section (or lack thereof) in the terms and conditions document, where you can prove that the casino has contravened its own rules.  Also, try to record any telephonic discussions or at least take detailed notes, if the law permits this.

Although you might be tempted to seek the advice of a lawyer at any stage of the dispute process, try to avoid this.  Associated legal costs tend to be quite high and often the dispute process can be resolved directly between you and the online casino.  Additionally, if the casino is based in a country other than your own, a solid knowledge of the international legal system would be needed.   

Should a casino be registered with a regulatory body like eCOGRA, you could also direct your dispute to them directly, to get additional help in the situation.  In such a case, always keep in mind that patience and attentiveness are your two closest allies, so remain calm, do not lose your temper and take note of the casino’s case, before an agreement can be mediated.

Moving Forward from a Resolved Online Casino Dispute

Ultimately, the best way to resolve a dispute is to not have one in the first place.  Always go the terms and conditions of the online casino first, before you proceed with lodging an official complaint.  You will be surprised what information lays hidden in the small print, some of which will give you a definite answer to a possible dispute that you might think you have.