Best Strategies for Winning Blackjack Tournaments

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Blackjack Tournaments. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Blackjack tournaments are a staple of most casinos and are often tempting for skilled players who wish to test their abilities at winning substantial cash prizes.

Some gamblers may be put off by the idea of entering blackjack tournaments because of negative perceptions about the game’s complexity. However, mastering strategies for winning blackjack tournaments isn’t as complicated as some think. If you’ve played blackjack before and know the game’s rules, all you need is some strategic know-how to shoot through to the finals. 

Things to Know About Winning Blackjack Tournaments

Most blackjack tournaments last two or three rounds, with a player from each table progressing to the next round. A semi-final usually has six or seven tables made up of winners from previous games. The leader from every table goes on to the final. Usually, the final tables offer prizes for each player. However, it’s essential to be fully aware of the rules before entering. If in doubt, ask the dealer any questions.

Some tournaments have rules, such as betting in a particular order or paying out at 2:1. Sometimes, players must announce their bet, and, on other occasions, they must slide their wager into the circle. Subsequently, finding out the rules before beginning is vital. In most instances, the chips used in tournaments don’t have cash values, so you’d need to get to the last round to cash out. That means you need to ace each round if you plan to get a payout.

Strategy for Final Table

Don’t bust out of the round too early if you’re hellbent on winning a blackjack tournament and getting to the finals. This is because you stand a chance to end up with a considerably bigger payout than if you’re in sixth or seventh place. Avoid large wagers straight away and observe other players’ bets during the first couple of hands before you plunge in.

If you begin the game with CA$1,000 in chips, start with a bet of CA$100. If you lose the hand, then go down to CA$50. If the hand wins, bet another CA$100 or, alternatively, go up to CA$150. Remember to keep on raising each time you win.

There’ll always be a few players who bet too big and bust out, so this will increase your prize money. However, if another player gets lucky and pulls ahead, you could consider risking chips earlier since you could win cash before getting to the closing hand on the final table. If another player is frequently winning, you should make larger wagers on the tenth hand.

10th Hand

If you’re leading, or are close to leading this hand, keep your bets like those of the other players. If your lead is significant, you can coast for a while before re-evaluating the situation on the 17th hand.

17th to 20th Hands

If you’re in the lead at the 17th hand, continue making the same level bets. If you’re close to the other players, wager up to one-third of the stack; if you’re lagging, wager half. If you’re leading on the 18th hand, continue with your bets. If the scores are tight, wager up to half the stack. If you are way behind, always bet maximum.

Suppose you’re in the lead by more than the maximum wager on the 19th hand, then bet enough to get two stakes plus CA$5 ahead, whenever possible. If your lead is narrow, observe other punters closely. Ideally, you’d want to lead by the maximum bet plus CA$5. If you’re losing, bet half of the stack.

On the 20th hand, you must be in the lead, irrespective of your position. Always set the bet to match. If other players are roughly the same as you and you can guarantee a second-place finish by wagering a certain amount, consider it. Otherwise, bet the maximum.

It’s also possible for all players to lose the last hand. In that case, see if you have sufficient chips to get to the first place. If six or seven players are still contending for the first or second places, each putting down a maximum bet, a smaller bet with chips in reserve would probably be the best for you. If you can’t finish in first, second, or third place unless your dealer has a great hand, this is the best strategy to follow for winning blackjack tournaments.

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