3 Books to Brush Up on Your Video Poker Skills

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Video poker remains one of the more preferred casino games around, and perfecting your skill by reading relevant books is a must. 

Video poker is an extremely popular casino game due to its relatively high prospects of winning.  Besides a wide array of literature about gambling and sports betting that is currently available on the market, many books have also been written that deal specifically with video poker.

Here are our top three picks which we think every gambler should read, that ought to ultimately boost your skills before your next encounter with a video poker machine:

1. Video Poker Optimum Play (Dan Paymar)

Video Poker Optimum Play was first published in 1998 and is authored by Dan Paymar, a video poker expert.   In the book, Paymar veered away from personal experiences and based the book on his computer programming and engineering background.

If you don’t have sufficient knowledge about video poker, then Video Poker Optimum Play is not a book for you. The author targets recreational players who possess a good understanding of the game basics. However, if you’re planning to become a serious player, then you should read further.

Unlike some other books that have complicated explanations that are difficult to follow, Paymar uses simple language. His mathematical tactics use an understandable format and include variations such as Jokers Wild, Jacks or Better, and Deuces Wild. One crucial benefit of the strategies Paymar discusses is that they are valid in almost all video poker game variations. Additionally, readers can always fall back on the provided tables to improve their understanding.

  1. Fundamentals of Video Poker (Lynne Loomis & Mason Malmuth)

The co-authors of this book are established experts within the video poker and the broader gambling industries. This book is ideal for newbies since it focuses on learning from scratch and becoming a professional player shortly after that.

Fundamentals of Video Poker first covers the basics of the game. This part is vital for those who have never played video poker before. Things you will learn first include how to play on a machine, progressives, and hand rankings. If you happen to be already familiar with the game, you are free to skip this section, although it remains crucial to new players.

The authors delve deep into the variations of the game, such as Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and Double Bonus. Towards the end of the book, the authors make additional suggestions. Some of these include managing your budget and making use of casino machines more effectively. You will also get a chance to learn various video poker terms. This last part is unique and essential since many authors don’t go beyond the topics of gameplay and winning.

3. Professional video Poker (John Ferguson)

John Ferguson, who also goes by the name of Stanford Wong, is an acknowledged gambling author. Professional Video Poker is ideal for both rookie and professional video poker players. At the beginning of the book, Ferguson discusses the history of the game. The book then proceeds to important background information. If you are not comfortable with reading paytables, going through this book is a must.

Following the initial chapters, Ferguson shifts the discussion to best strategies that should be used when playing 8/5 jacks or better, sharing more details on each strategy. Moreover, unlike many authors who stop after explaining the tactics, Ferguson moves to justify the various methods through a practical approach that allows readers to put themselves in that context.

The book also covers alternative variations of video poker. Ferguson first published his book in 1991, with thousands of gamblers still referring to it as they seek to hone their gambling prowess.  

Have you recently been looking at becoming a skilled video poker player? If so, going through these books could help you become a pro and earn some big moolah. The stories and testimonials shared between these hardcovers are not a phantasy, with many players having made use of these tactics to earn massive rewards.

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