What Are the Keno Numbers that Come Up the Most?

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According to statistics, there are specific keno numbers that come up the most and give you a better chance of winning. 

Ardent keno players might have wondered at some stage whether there are some keno numbers that come up the most. This question does seem valid – according to analyses, numbers 1, 4, 5, 7, 34, 72, and 74 tend to hit the most when playing this game. Nonetheless, determining the exact combination depends on several things, ranging from superstition to frequency and location.

Online keno games use a random number generator to determine the winning numbers. Some lotteries make it easier for players by displaying tables that show numbers that have been hit the most over a specific period. These are, naturally, based on individual games, so finding the correct numbers will take some doing.

Determining Keno Numbers that Come Up the Most

In online keno, each number or spot has the same probability of getting picked, but relying on established keno strategies might be interesting, even if these don’t benefit us at all.

Statistical software on the internet collects data from keno games globally to determine the most drawn numbers over a fixed number of games. For example, the Michigan Lottery has a hot and cold number generator based on the results of the last ten to 100 keno games.

Below are keno numbers that come up the most during regular gameplay:

Most Drawn Numbers

Before placing your bet, you can look at the previous results of each keno game. Most casinos and lotteries will display these numbers on their websites. You will then spot which numbers have been drawn the most over the past few draws.

Hot Numbers

This is a common term that you will hear in all lottery-themed games; it means frequent numbers over the last 50 draws. With the most frequent numbers, there’s no guarantee they will appear again in the next draw. However, they are more likely to come up again because they have been drawn a few times over the last 50 games.

Cold Numbers

These numbers didn’t appear at all or less frequently over the previous few draws. The numbers with the lowest occurrence frequency also have a higher chance of being picked but not selected. These numbers tend to be well-liked as most players think they are “due,” meaning it is a “must pick” number.

Chinese Lucky Numbers

The Chinese place a high value on luck. Therefore, they correlate specific numbers with mystic connotations. In the Chinese understanding of keno, there are several “lucky” numbers with unique meanings:

  • Six denotes riches and is the number that represents Chinese enterprises
  • Eight has a strong magic connotation and power, as it is the number representing prosperity and wealth
  • Nine is the Chinese emperor’s number, representing spiritual overtones such as harmony and culture

Playing Keno Online

Despite beliefs and superstitions, keno is purely based on luck, and one can’t foresee which numbers will be picked. Even if you play the game for years and don’t win, every new draw will give participants the same opportunity to succeed.

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