Top 6 Chinese Lucky Charms Used when Gambling

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Every culture has its beliefs and superstitions, with the Chinese lucky charms well-known for their use when gambling.

Every country has its own beliefs when it comes to various things. An excellent example is the fear of Friday the 13th, which is prevalent in many western countries. In China, too, there are many superstitions and beliefs that govern numerous aspects of daily life, including gambling.

Ultimately, success in gambling boils down to luck. It’s possible that you to play your cards right, use the correct strategy, make shrewd moves, and be familiar with all the game rules, but still end up losing everything and walking away with no money.

To counter this potential lucklessness, the Chinese devised methods to get fortune on their side using lucky charms. Chinese people have a rich history and strict beliefs. As part of their culture, Chinese lucky charms are seen as tools to bring good fortune to those who use them.

Here are six Chinese lucky charms that are believed to bring good luck when gambling:

1. Chinese Dragons

Dragons are broadly present in Chinese culture. There are nine in total, each with a unique name and traits. Baxia, the turtle dragon, is regarded as the most popular. This dragon symbolises strength, prosperity, and health and is said to funnel these boons to the one who possesses an image of the dragon.

2. Lucky Numbers

The Chinese culture has its own set of numbers that are believed to bring fortune and good luck in times of need. This belief is perhaps most applicable to gambling, especially in games like lottery, bingo, keno, and blackjack.

There are several lucky numbers, with three, five and eight being viewed as the most fortunate. These numbers are regularly used as a guide for significant occasions in life. You can also use them at the casinos and, hopefully, win real money. A few numbers are also considered unlucky, with the number four being one of them. So, stay clear of that one!

3. Pinyin

The pinyin (fu) sign is one of the most popular symbols in Chinese culture, associated with prosperity, luck, and good fortune. It’s common practice for the Chinese to hang the symbol on their front door during cultural festivals like the Spring Festival and the Chinese New Year. The sign is said to keep poverty at bay and is a tradition that stretches back to 256 BC. Keeping this symbol nearby while you gamble might not be a bad idea.

4. Oranges

The orange fruit is one of many Chinese lucky charms used by the locals. Oranges are believed to be full of yang energy, which is known to make people feel fresh, happy, and uplifted. Their bright colour and distinct aroma further add to this perception. Some people go as far as to carry oranges in their pocket when visiting casinos because of the inherent good energy that they bring.

5. Red Envelopes

In Chinese culture, red is associated with love, passion, and prosperity. The colour can be manifested through various things like red clothing that one wears, buildings, and other cultural symbols. Additionally, red envelopes carry a particular reference. Using a red envelope to gift someone is considered good practice. You can also carry one in your pocket or purse if you seek luck or good fortune.

6. Lucky Golden Cat

According to Fengshui, cats are often considered bad omens in Chinese mythology – unless they are golden. The symbol of a golden cat symbolises protection against evil and the transformation of evil into good. In Fengshui, the two-sided cat statue represents luck, abundance, and protection. While one side depicts a smiling cat with a raised paw that attracts wealth, luck, and fortune, the other has a frowning feline with a broom to symbolise the sweeping away of worry, troubles, and bad luck.

Whether it be naivety or a genuine belief that there’s something bigger controlling things that pushes us towards lucky charms, it’s somehow soothing to believe that a little thing in our pocket is watching our back. So, why not try one of the above Chinese lucky charms next time you gamble and see if it works?

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