Macao’s High Roller Casino Junkets Attract Mainland VIP Clients

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In an attempt to attract more VIP clientele from mainland China, Macao has introduced VIP casino junkets to draw mainlanders to the city.

Macao is the gambling mecca of Asia and the only territory in China where gambling is legal. Additionally, over the past decade, Macao has overtaken Las Vegas as the world’s gambling capital. Macao’s casinos now generate five times the revenue of their Sin City counterparts. One of the reasons for Macao’s popularity is the introduction of casino junkets that offer VIP services to Chinese nationals.

Junket operators attract high-roller players from mainland China to Macao due to the illegal gambling status in China. However, there now seems to be a consensus that Macao is too overdependent on gambling, which needs to change.

What Are Casino Junkets?

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Casino junkets are trips arranged by casinos for a group of high rollers. The casino covers the cost of the trip, including transportation, accommodation, and meals. Consequently, the players commit to gambling a certain amount of money at the casino.

Junket operators are intermediaries who organise these trips on behalf of the casinos. Operators typically work with high rollers and VIPs willing to gamble large sums of money. The junket operator arranges the trip and extends credit to the players. As a result, they can bet without using their own money.

Once the players arrive at the casino, they are given VIP treatment, such as a dedicated host to cater to their needs and make their experience more enjoyable. The casino may also offer them free drinks, shows, and other perks to keep them playing.

Additionally, if the players meet the gambling requirements agreed upon with the operator of casino junkets, they may be eligible for additional perks. For instance, complimentary rooms, meals, and other amenities. If they lose money, the junket operator covers the losses. Conversely, if they win, the players get to keep their winnings.

The junket operator makes money by receiving a commission from the casino based on the amount of money that players gamble. Additionally, they may also charge a fee to the players for organising the trip and extending credit.

Corruption Crackdown

The Chinese government is cracking down on corruption and boosting efforts to revive the Chinese economy, which has taken a knock. On the other hand, Macao is a tourist mecca where people come from far and wide to enjoy the city’s spectacles. The city endured a massive economic recession between 2014 and 2016 when it tried marketing itself to the masses instead of focusing on VIP players.

Investments in hotel infrastructure and hospitality have contributed significantly to the economic rise of Macao. But much of the capital has been trickling from an unlikely source. Over the past few months, the return of VIP gamblers coincided with the recovery of the Macanese economy. 

Introduction of Mass Markets

The government’s effort to open Macao’s casino industry to the mass market might have, at first, appeared successful. However, when compared to the VIP gambling revenue, the mass market approach pales in comparison. On the other hand, the revenue generated by high rollers brought in by casino junkets during the first half of this year has grown significantly.

In comparison, this revenue is double what the mass markets bring in. Although most believe that mass market players are more profitable, it’s hard to argue with the figures. The VIP market is now more robust due to the speed of its growth.

Arrests in China

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Recently, the police in China arrested several Crown Resorts employees. After the arrests, it became evident that mainland China was far from an ideal place to operate gambling venues. As a result, most casinos have shut down their operations in China. Subsequently,  a large amount of VIP player traffic has been redirected towards Macao.

Mega-Star Group Junket Operator

When it comes to the best operator of casino junkets in Macau, there are a few companies that stand out. However, one of the top operators in the city is Meg-Star Group, which offers high-quality services and a strong focus on customer experience and responsible gambling.

Meg-Star Group has been operating in Macau since 2008 and is one of the region’s most successful casino junket operators. The company offers a wide range of services, including travel arrangements, accommodations, and access to various casinos in Macau. Meg-Star Group also provides a range of VIP services to its customers, including private gaming rooms, butler services, and exclusive access to entertainment and dining options.

One of the key features that sets Meg-Star Group apart is its focus on customer service. To this end, the company has a team of highly trained professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for their customers. They are also known for their attention to detail and ability to anticipate their clients’ needs.

In addition to its excellent customer service, Meg-Star Group is also known for its focus on responsible gambling. The company has implemented various measures to ensure that its customers gamble responsibly, including setting betting limits and providing support for problem gambling.

Junket operators play a crucial role in organising trips and extending credit to players while also making a profit themselves. Macao continues to position itself as the primary gambling and high-rolling destination globally by tapping into the lucrative casino junkets market segment.

The Way Ahead for Macao Casino Junkets

Overall, casino junkets help casinos to attract high-rollers and VIPs and incentivise them to gamble large amounts of money. Junket operators play a crucial role in organising these trips and extending credit to players while also making a profit themselves. Macao continues to position itself as the primary gambling and high-rolling destination globally by tapping into the lucrative casino junkets market segment. 

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