Why it Pays to be a High Roller in Macao

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High rollers are players that casinos covet the most, and gambling centres like Macao go out of their way to bring these gamblers onboard.

Hosting high rollers offers casinos an opportunity to pocket relatively sizey sums of money quickly.  Some high rollers don’t shy away from staking as much as millions of dollars per hand and can influence a casino’s interim bottom line singlehandedly.  Because of this, high rollers receive special treatment from gambling houses.   

In Macao, high rollers are referred to as whales.  Some of the more famous whales who have gambled in the city include Dennis Rodman, Tiger Woods, Bruce Wills and Larry Flynt.  As a rule of the thumb, most whales prefer to play baccarat, although games like blackjack, roulette, craps, and high-stake slots are often also on their wish list.

The Advantages of Macao High Rollers

In most cases, establishments in Macao offer special services to high rollers. The casinos will make necessary arrangements to guarantee that the various needs of their high rollers are always taken care of.  Macao high rollers prefer to visit venues, such as the City of Dreams Macau, Sands Macau, and Venetian Casino Resort. You might also see them at the Grand Lisboa Macau and Wynn Macau.

High rollers know that these casinos have luxurious five-star hotels and pricey minimum bets, promising an unforgettable gambling experience. Additionally, these venues employ some of the most experienced casino staff who fully understand the needs of high rollers.

High rollers also enjoy benefits, such as shopping sprees, chauffeur services, penthouse suites, designated parking areas, and private gambling rooms. They also receive unique invitations to exclusive parties and enjoy gourmet meals prepared by the world’s top chefs. In addition, high rollers have personal account managers and have access to high-quality golf courses.

Additional Amenities for Macao High Rollers

Establishments in Macao utilise a formula to determine the amenities they should offer their high rollers. The formula considers aspects such as the whale’s stake per hand and the time spent playing at casino tables. Also considered is the average number of hands per hour and skill level.

Of course, there are additional factors to consider when working out a high-roller formula. Even so, many Macao casinos simplify this process by telling their high rollers exactly what extra services they can expect if they choose to play at their establishment.

Some establishments offer VIP programmes to all players, even those with smaller bankrolls. In most cases, VIP programmes have top tiers that offer perks, including big bonuses and free chips. Usually, the list of extra benefits grows each time a player moves to the next level of a given VIP programme.

Gambling, Shopping, and Dining

High-limit rooms in Macao are lavish and accommodative. Venetian Macau has a recognised high-limit room that offers a comfortable and memorable gaming experience to high rollers. The room has a wide range of features, including 52 table games and a massive Ruby Room with 14 baccarat tables. The high-limit room also has 156 slot machines and VIP slot rooms.

Casinos in Macao provide sophisticated private rooms to high rollers. Here, whales can enjoy top-notch catering, massages, and spa amenities. If a high roller isn’t gambling, the host casino will ensure that they are still having a wonderful time. Macao also has numerous world-class restaurants, where whales get reservations and comps while in Macao.


Nightlife in Macao is impressive, and high rollers visit top clubs in stretch limos. And, once inside, the clubs treat them well. From grand entrances to separate VIP areas, high rollers are kept comfortable and guaranteed a wonderful time.

People often consider Macao the Las Vegas of Asia, and it certainly has a lot to offer, especially to high rollers. High-limit rooms in Macao are luxurious and designed to provide high rollers with a memorable time. When a whale visits a casino in Macao, they are guaranteed to receive red-carpet treatment, and this is why the city has become a draw magnet for high rollers from all over the world.

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