How to Become a VIP Player at Land-Based Casinos

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Although attaining this status is not always straightforward, VIP players at land-based casinos can expect many perks.

If you wish to become a VIP player at your favourite land-based casino, you need to roll up your sleeves and do some work. To begin with, know that there are different VIP tiers in the hierarchy, and the higher you rank, the more benefits you can expect. Ultimately, even though the method to attain VIP status might differ from casino to casino, most gambling houses use similar strategies to get more players into their VIP clubs.

Here are a few ways you could become a land-based casino VIP player:

1. Play a Lot of Games

Casinos love loyal gamblers, and loyalty is repaid with higher service levels. When you show dedication, it gets rewarded. However, in this scenario, you must ensure that you have sufficient money to visit casinos regularly.

Individuals who know how to limit their expenditure and spend their earnings appropriately can climb the tier ladder more quickly and become part of a lucrative VIP programme. Loyalty is the name of the game in this particular gamble. Additionally, some casinos offer cards for their loyal gamblers, which can be quite beneficial for those on the path to becoming a VIP.

2. Pay Your Way In

A person with a significant amount of disposable income can often automatically receive VIP status. Naturally, you would need a large amount of cash before being fast-tracked to VIP membership.

Because most casinos are profitable, funnelling through some of your wealth and prestige could benefit them too. Unfortunately, becoming a VIP using this method can be challenging if you don’t have the moola. But, if you are lucky to win the jackpot, you can, like other affluent players, pay to be a VIP using the money you won. After all, being wealthy is a sure way to get the attention of the casinos.

3. Get a Good Word In

Befriend a high roller within the casino hierarchy and see if they can put in a good word for you. It may sound like a long shot, but you don’t have anything to lose except a bit of your self-esteem. Conversely, if you succeed, you will have much to gain.

Becoming a casino’s VIP client is not always easy, but it will be worth it once you start ascending the hierarchy. Sometimes, all you should do is be sociable. Casinos want to keep you in, so be aware of how much you gamble and who you hang out with.

Standard Land-Based Casino VIP System

Here is the most common VIP ranking hierarchy:

The Bronze

Bronze is the lowest tier of the VIP ladder, but it still offers unique benefits not available to regular players. With bronze, you are given better service, and for most of the games, you are given opportunities to earn more. However, there would still be certain games and tables that you would not be able to access.

The Silver

In this tier, a person usually spends and wins a reasonable amount of money, and they can take part in all games. For many, the service levels also improve, and the amount that could be won on specific games increases. However, the best benefits come in the form of discounts and rewards offered.

The Gold

The gold tier offers a far more tangible differentiation from lower loyalty levels. The gold tier is often where the VIP status really starts to matter. Most casinos permit maximum wagers on this level, and it truly embodies all the benefits of VIP status.

The Platinum

This is the highest VIP level and can be accessed either by knowing someone, having a lot of money, or being a long-term dedicated bettor.

Becoming a VIP is not easy, although it’s possible, and you get premium service along the way. The road to becoming a VIP player at land-based casinos often takes years and plenty of luck. However, if you are willing to bet that much money on games, the long-term benefits outweigh the costs.

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