Top 5 Most Famous Casino Architecture Designs

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Gone are the days where casinos were merely square halls on the ground floor of hotel resorts.  Modern casino architecture transcends basic functionality to evoke imagery of fantasy and make-belief.  

Casinos of today are wonderworlds in their own right.  Through intricate design and ground-breaking architecture, many top casinos have created replicas of famous global destinations and theme-styled environments.  The external and internal appearance of these glitzy gambling houses is nothing short of astounding.

Through careful use of art and design, architects and interior decorators transport visitors to exotic faraway destinations and imaginary worlds, where patrons can, if at least for a short while, escape the drudgery of everyday reality.

Here is the list of the five most famous casino architectural designs that we have come across:

1.    The Venetian and Palazzo, Las Vegas, USA

The tandem of the original Venetian and the latter Palazzo casino and hotel embodies the finesse of renaissance Italy and the rich heritage of the wealthy trading city of Venice.  The casino is located along the famous Las Vegas Strip, on the site of the legendary Sands Hotel that was demolished in 1996 to make way for the Venetian.

The awe-inspiring buildings peak on the 50th floor and house 7,000 hotel suites.  Guests can embark on relaxing gondola rides down the Grand Canal, enjoy shopping for top-notch merchandise at the local retail centre, and even visit the Guggenheim Heritage Museum.  And, what you see on the outside reflects on the inside, encapsulating the spirit of Venice on every corner.

2.    Sun City and Lost City Resort, South Africa

Sun City is a true oasis surrounded by the African wilderness, forming an eclectic mix of modern and ancient architectural styles.  The sprawling complex, located adjacent to a nature reserve, boasts four hotels, of which The Palace is the jewel in the crown.  Recognised by its turquoise domes, 25-meter high central cupola, life-sized statues of wild animals and majestic chandeliers, the hotel is a real fantasy world.

The resort also boasts the celebrated Valley of the Waves, probably the most spectacular waterpark in the southern hemisphere.  And, if you are looking for more, there are professional golf courses, ample restaurants and bars, shopping spots, arcades, and safari drives, where you can spot your favourite wildlife up close and personal.

3.    Kurhaus, Baden-Baden, Germany

Kurhaus is not only one of the oldest casinos in the world, but it’s also one of the most beautiful.  Unlike the other entrants, this casino is not a recreation but a genuine example of 19th-century architecture.

Corinthian columns and neo-classical interiors exude old-world charm, guarded by two ever-alert gryphons nestled by the main entrance.  Kurhaus is also one of the most exclusive casinos in the world, and visitors can only enter if they are clad in formal attire.

4.    Casino de Genting, Pahong, Malaysia

Casino de Genting abandoned the idea of recreating former glories and went for an ultramodern architectural design.  The casino offers five high-end hotels, as well as a plethora of bars, clubs and a not-to-be-missed gondola lift.  The casino also hosted several TV shows and award ceremonies.

And, if you are looking for a cherry on the top, Casino de Genting has its very own 20th Century Fox theme park, to keep you enthralled for hours.  Together, the casino’s multifaceted layout and decoration are prime examples of creative design in the complex world of casino architecture.

5.    Adelaide Casino, Adelaide, Australia

Local architects in Australia used their ingenuity when they converted the old Adelaide train station into the multi-tiered Adelaide Casino.  The repurposing of an older landmark and giving it a new life is the ultimate architectural treat, allowing Adelaide Casino to become the only licensed gambling house in South Australia.

The exterior of the building embodies the old railway station, while the interior combines old with the new to create a modern high-tech interior.  And, space works perfectly, with over 900 slot machines and 100 tables strewn around the floor.  Over 120 luxury hotel rooms, large wellness and function centres, roof bar and restaurants all add up to a new and old fusion that has been rejuvenated to attract broad audiences.

Architecture is both an art and science, both of which intertwine in the design of landmark casinos.  The science principals ensure structural grounding, while art adds the aesthetical flair that tantalises our senses.  So, why not tantalise yours with a visit to one of these fine establishments?

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