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While some casinos have awe-inspiring external appearance and interiors, very few of us know the names of architects who designed them.

Casino architects are appointed to create impressive structures where people can experience excitement and wonder. Casino architects who’ve created an impeccable job are rare, but they do exist. Here are some famous architects and their casino designs:

The Bellagio, Las Vegas (Peter Smit / DeRuyter Butler)

Real estate tycoon Steve Wynn created the original Bellagio concept. The architectural bureau of DeRuyter Butler, headed by Peter Smith, designed the exterior. Roger Thomas, a multiple winner of the Architectural Digest 100 Award, planned the interior.

Thomas, a regular architect for Wynn Properties, and Peter Smith, are responsible for all the fountains, the exterior Lake Como-style palazzo designs, and the lobby ceiling. The 20,000 flowers on the ceiling were blown individually. The architects also designed the art gallery and the conservatory, making this casino unique, even for Las Vegas standards.

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas (Jay Sarno)

Caesars Palace was envisaged in the 1960s by the architect Jay Sarno. His vision has been enhanced over the years through numerous renovations, all in line with his original ideas. Sarno’s vision was to evoke the Greco-Roman times with the use of quality marble and sculptures.

But Sarno went one step further, bringing to life the colossal film sets of the period, such as Ben Hur and Cleopatra. Sarno wanted his design to be larger than life. At the entrance to Caesars Palace stands a massive effigy of Julius Caesar that welcomes all the guests. Visitors experience Roman opulence from the sculptures to the Roman baths and shops inside the resort.

The Grand Lisboa, Macao (Ng Chun Man / Dennis Lau)

Among the thirty-eight casinos in Macao, one stands out. The Grand Lisboa, created by Hong Kong architects Ng Chun Man and Dennis Lau, is the tallest building in the city, towering forty-seven stories high. However, that is not what makes this casino so striking. The two architects wished to conceive an expressive, daring casino and reflect the peninsula’s maritime heritage.

The building design exudes the former Portuguese colony’s reputation for treasures and opulence. Other people believe the architects created a fluid design to emulate the waves of the nearby ocean. The interior of the casino reflects the architects’ vision of bygone lavishness. From the dazzling lobby chandeliers to the windows, visitors get unique views of the skyline.

Adelaide Casino, Adelaide (Buchan Architects)

One of Australia’s most unique architectural symbioses is the Adelaide Casino, which merges a historical train station with new architecture. This merging preserved the original design of the historic property, adding to it hints of modernisation. The result was a boutique casino with an intact sense of tradition.

The casino has 90 game tables and 950 slot machines. The wavelike exterior design of the casino was carefully amalgamated with the historical façade to allow clients to understand the history of the building and its shiny new exterior. The use of gold-tinted glass blends captivatingly with the light-hued stone of the old station.

The venue is today regarded as the crown jewel of Adelaide’s city centre. The casino has also won numerous awards for its architectural design. The casino interior follows a slightly more modern mid-century look with lavish detail.

The Venetian, Macao (HKS / Aedas)

To say that the Venetian Macao is extraordinary is an understatement. The sprawling resort was modelled after its twin casino in Las Vegas. The Venetian Macao is the world’s largest casino, with 550,000 square feet of gambling space. Additionally, the architects created the Venetian canals, which flow past the restaurants and shops in the area. There are even gondoliers who ferry customers back and forth within the casino area to restaurants and shops.

The partnership between HKS and Aedas began with the Sands Macao. However, their casino-building dash took off with the Venetian. After the Venetian, they worked on the Four Seasons Macao, the Sands Cotai Central, Parisian Macao, and the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

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