Tricks to Becoming a Professional Blackjack Player

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To become a professional blackjack player, you need to follow a specific strategy that will guarantee that you earn enough money to be successful.

Although some professional gamblers would tell you that pursuing blackjack as a profession is not as profitable as it appears in some movies, there are those who earn six-figure amounts by playing this game.  If you see yourself as one of these professional blackjack players, you need to follow a set strategy to boost your chances of winning.

Know the Strategy

Blackjack is a strategy game and requires planning to play successfully.  First, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the game by knowing the rules of play for different forms of blackjack.  There are three types of blackjack.  Although the end objective for any of these is to beat the house by getting 21 or as close to this number as possible without going over, the games differ in rules.

Classic blackjack is the most popular form of the game and can be played with anything from one to as many as eight decks.  You and the dealer are simultaneously dealt two cards: one face up and the other one face down (the hole card).  To win, your combination of cards must be 21 or below for you to win, but higher than the dealer’s.

Progressive blackjack is played much like traditional blackjack, although players can bet progressively more significant amounts of money during each round.  In European blackjack, two card decks are used.  The dealer is dealt one faceup card, and his hole card is not revealed until the player decides how to play their hand.  Depending on their score, the dealer’s hole card can be split, stood on, hit, or doubled.

The Strategy

To commence a career as a blackjack pro, you need to learn some basic blackjack strategies.  Firstly, acquaint yourself with the terms like side bets, surrender, double down, split, hit, or stand.  Following this, you’ll need to learn the basic blackjack strategy.

For example, a player can surrender (give up their hand) and forfeit half the money if the dealer has a hand that the player cannot win.  In such an instance, if the dealer has a ten and you have a 15, the chances of you defeating the dealer on the third card are minimal, so you could surrender one-half of your money and live to play another day.

Other basic strategies include splitting eights and aces with the dealer, never splitting tens and fives with the dealer, and doubling down when you have a nine and the dealer has a three, four, five or six.  Mastering basic and advanced strategies will help you become a superior blackjack player and win large sums of money.

Casino Strategies

Visiting casinos in your area is a critical step to becoming a professional blackjack player.  As with all other steps towards a new career, each is painstaking.  First, you will need to accumulate your bankroll so that when you lose, you are not drawing money from your regular account.

Secondly, you need to pay a visit to casinos in your area.  Choose a place with multiple casinos.  Begin playing at tables with low minimum bets and vigilantly keep track of your losses and wins.  If you make more than a single mistake each hour, you are eluding your margin of success.

Once you feel comfortable and have reduced your errors, you can move to tables with more significant betting amounts.  Be sure to be as unassuming as possible so that casinos don’t notice you and ban you.  If you choose an area with multiple casinos, don’t stay at one casino the entire day.  Instead, move around to various casinos so that security doesn’t become suspicious.

It takes time to become an expert blackjack player, but if you are patient and take your time, plus put in the hours needed to learn the game, you will be successful with your new career.

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