An Average Day in the Life of a Professional Blackjack Player

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Have you ever considered being a professional blackjack player?  Read further to find out more about how their average day looks.

You might have watched blackjack pros live or on TV and wondered is there more to them than meets the eye.  For one, an average day in the life of a professional Las Vegas blackjack player starts early and ends late.  Let’s take a glimpse into their daily routine.

Early to Rise

Many pro blackjack players who are based in Las Vegas gamble in the morning. This is especially true during the summer months, when temperatures consistently hover in the red.  Others choose to wager in the evening when the sun has set, and so have the temperatures. Professional players look to minimise the chances of dealing with other angry players during the day. Everyone’s temper is shorter in summer, and angry players often show up during hot spells.

On most days, a blackjack pro will begin his day with a few rounds of blackjack on the casino website, just to warm up. He would then get his bankroll out, dress, and make his way down to the casino. Of course, he remains mindful not to arrive too early and attract unwanted attention.

The Initial Rounds

The first thing a blackjack pro would do is find a dealer he knows. Most blackjack dealers have a known weakness that he could exploit. In addition, other professional players present make a good pick, as they are more keeled than regular players who might be bad at the game.

Playing Habits

Professional blackjack players keep track of all their expenses. The IRS allows for a deduction of costs when gambling is a business expense. This includes hotel expenses, fuel, food, and any other disbursements. All wins and losses also need to be documented for tax purposes.

Counting Cards

Some blackjack players tend to count cards. Others rely on the behaviour of dealers and other players. After years of playing, a blackjack pro can spot when someone is bluffing. Ultimately, many players have been caught counting cards, especially with today’s exacting surveillance equipment used by casinos.

As the Day Turns into the Night

A professional jackpot player would typically play about 20 rounds during a day, depending on how his luck runs. If he has a great run, he won’t stop until his luck changes. When he does go on a break, it is usually for the main meal of the day. If he had been offered a complimentary meal at the casino, he would eat there as much as he could.

If no meal has been offered, a pro would often look for a healthy place to eat. One of the hazards of blackjack is that players sit for long periods of time, which isn’t healthy, so trying to squeeze some form of exercise on off days is critical to maintaining wellness.

Phantasy vs Reality

Professional blackjack players have made a name for themselves by staying out of the limelight. If they are recognised as big winners, they could lose their spot.  Also, pros don’t wear tuxedos or flash expensive jewellery. People who play blackjack try not to draw attention to themselves, and flashy clothes or jewellery doesn’t fit that profile.

Professional blackjack players also worry about robberies. Players who flash a lot of jewellery or label clothing are most likely to get targeted by robbers. While security at the casinos is good, once a player steps outside, all bets are off.  The life of a pro blackjack player is not about significant ups and downs often experienced by other gamblers. An excellent professional blackjack player relies on a complete win over a fixed period.

If a player can be up 30 per cent over the house, he considers that a good run. While lucky streaks are not infrequent, most pro blackjack players would rather win consistently than in streaks. These days, professional blackjack players have a budgeted amount that they try to win each day and a limit on what they are willing to lose.

After Play

Many jackpot pros would unwind with a drink or two after the play for the day is over. They would also usually eat a small meal and head to bed. And bedtime might sometimes be 11 pm, or 3 am. It all depends on the luck of the cards.

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