8 Casino Gambling Styles: Which One Suits You the Best?

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Some may say that there are as many different gambling styles as there are gamblers.  Although this might be an over-exaggeration, one can differentiate a punter’s approach to the gameplay based on a few defined characteristics.  

We all have our unique way of approaching a game.  Some of us are there for pure enjoyment or pleasure, while others prefer to take it more strategically, analysing and calculating every step before committing to their next move.  Either way, there is no right or wrong approach, and players should always select a gambling style that best suits their gameplay.

Here is the list of the eight casino gambling styles:

1. Adrenalin Junkie

All adrenalin-style players are there for the sheer fun of the game.  Excitement and thrill are their main stimulants, and if a win comes somewhere along the way, it’s a bonus.  Adrenalin players are usually quite unpredictable and avoid overanalysing their moves.

Adrenalin junkies are also prone to easily losing their composure while gambling, often get emotional and can be ill-tempered.  These are the guys known for putting up a show for other players, which can be both entertaining and irritating.

2. Analytical Analyst

Analysts are on the other side of the spectrum and direct opposite of adrenalin junkies.  These players tend to keep the long-term prognosis of the game in their minds at all times.  Analysts usually exude professionalism, being cool as cucumbers, patient and knowledgeable with their way around casino games.  They spend a long time observing the game and other players before they make a move and go for the kill.

3. Prognosis Experts

A prognosis expert is so in-the-know when it comes to a particular game, that they can easily forecast its results.  For them, gambling is a way of life, preferring complex games of skill, like poker and blackjack.

Prognosis experts know how to hide their emotions, maintaining calmness at all times, which makes watching them a real pleasure.  They tend to have a high-tier VIP player status and are known to take the full advantage of every bonus that an online casino has to offer.

4. Player vs Player

Player-versus-player gamblers thrive in environments where they play against other people or live dealers, rather than machines.  This is because they are social players, and this gambling type facilitates chatting and interaction with others.  Their preference falls on in-house casinos or live-dealer options at online casinos.

5. Player vs Machine

A player-versus-machine gambler shies away from other people and prefers to gamble against a machine.  The typical choice for these players are the slot machines.  These players keep track of the latest online gambling games and enjoy trying these out.

6. Casual Gambler

Casual gamblers don’t like spending money at casinos and prefer to play free online games or take advantage of no-deposit bonuses, to minimise their risk.  Casuals also overwhelmingly stick to free spins and game demos, merely playing for the sake of the game itself.  They also avoid risking their bankroll by betting on real cash.

7. Wannabe Pro

Wannabe pros possess a fair deal of knowledge about specific casino games.  Still, they lack the overall skill to play like professionals, slotting themselves somewhere between adrenaline junkies and prognosis experts.

Wannabe pros struggle to become professional players because they lack the composure to use their good gambling decisions to their long-term advantage.  They are also stubborn and can easily fall into a losing spiral from which they can’t turn back, by letting emotions get in their way.

8. All-In Gambler

All-in gamblers live in an illusion that there is permanently a massive win with their names on it, regularly turning deaf ears to reason and logic.  These players are most likely to become problem gamblers and end up losing everything and seeking professional help.

These were the eight different gambling styles, each featuring unique attributes. Did you recognise your style among the ones mentioned? If so, you may want to try another gambling method on your next casino visit to see if it fits you better. Best of luck!

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