7 Casino Games With the Lowest House Edge

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While we all enjoy playing casino games for fun and entertainment, the only thing that really matters is the final cashout.  And when it comes to paying, not all games are equal, with some offering higher payout rates compared to others.

Knowing which game holds a better chance of a larger and more consistent payout can help you to determine where to leave your money the next time you wager away.  By knowing the payout rate, you can determine that casino game’s house edge, which indicates the numerical advantage a casino holds over the player at any given time.

While you could statistically try to lower the house edge, it’s much easier to simply play those games that have a lower edge.  Ultimately, playing these games will provide you with a better chance of walking away with a few extra bucks in your pocket.

Top 7 Games with Lowest House Edge

Here’s the list of the top seven casino games that have the lowest house edges:

1. Blackjack (house edge from 1,5%)

While blackjack scores the top spot when it comes to the house edge, keep in mind that there are different styles of the game.  Single deck blackjack offers premium chances of winning since it has the lowest house edge.  By applying smart bankroll management and strategic thinking, you stand an above-average chance of walking away with both your money and some additional winnings.

2. Craps (house edge from 1,4% to 5%)

Although it comes in in in a tight second place, craps can sometimes be considered neck and neck with blackjack when it comes to the chances of breaking the bank.  Craps also remains one of the most exciting and dynamic games that can be played at an inhouse or an online casino.  If you wish to try your luck at craps, go for the don’t pass/don’t come bets, whose house edge is an astonishingly low 1,4%.

3. Baccarat (house edge from 1,5%)

While baccarat’s house edge can sink as low as that of blackjack, the chances of a repetitive win are slightly smaller.  Baccarat is more a game of strategy than a game of luck, with bettors given an option to bet either on the banker, the player or a tie.  Your best bet would be to focus on the player as the banker has a betting fee attached to it.

4. Poker (house edge from 1,5%)

Of all the variations of poker, the one that is best for playing with an intention to win would be the three-card poker.  This poker type is swift and has garnered popularity due to its speed and ability to score quick wins.  A king-high will qualify the dealer and pay the highest return, although a simple poker strategy also applies. It is recommended that you play the queen high to increase your chances of recuperating your bet money.

5. Slots (house edge from 2% to 10%)

While the payout rates might be less compared to table games, slots remain the kings of online casino play.  To reduce the house edge, it is recommended that you seek out the extra features that these games might have, like bonus rounds, free spins and jackpots.  The more frequently repeated features a game has, the lower will be the house edge.

6. Roulette (house edge from 2,5%)

Roulette is synonymous with casinos and classic gambling.  The game contains a lower house edge when played on a single-zero version of the wheel.  The is because the game pays 35-1 on a straight bet, even though there are 37-wheel numbers. Conversely, the house edge on a double-zero roulette wheel rises (38 numbers versus the same 35-1 payout).

7. Backgammon (house edge from 4,82% to 6,39%)

Backgammon has been enjoyed by gamblers for centuries and is one of the oldest table games that survive to this day.  The game offers three types of bets: out, jump and doubles.  While the gameplay technique is too complex to be summarised here, players should know that jump and out bets tend to be more favourable for scoring a win.

Now that you’ve learned the secrets of the various house edges, why not try your luck on some of these games?  Check out the list of the best legal online casinos for Canadian players and find the ones that offer these games.  Good luck and may the best (wo)man win!

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