6 Useful Craps Rules That You Should Know

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Craps might look intimidating to a novice player, although applying tried and tested rules to the game will guarantee your success.

Players often worry about trying craps because there are so many betting options on the table. With bars, boxes, and unusually shaped fields representing various wagers, it’s not uncommon that some players are intimidated to roll the dice. Yet, once you grasp the basic rules of craps, you’ll find it an exciting game and one that is surprisingly easy to learn.

Here we look at six craps rules that you need to know to be effective at the gaming table:

1.  Pass and Don’t Pass

If you wish to jump into the game quickly, you can ignore many spaces on the table. There are only a few bets you need to know if you want to play at a basic level.

Here is a quick summary of the basic rules:

  • Before the initial round roll (also known as the “come out roll”), you can put chips on the pass line or don’t pass line to make a bet.
  • If you wager on a pass line, you’ll win if the shooter either rolls a seven or eleven. You’ll lose if they roll a two, three, or twelve and gain a single point should any of the other numbers be rolled.
  • When you bet on the don’t pass line, you’ll win if the shooter either rolls a two or a three. You’ll equalise on a twelve and lose if the dice rolls to seven or eleven. You’ll score a point should any of the other numbers be rolled.
  • Once a point is set, your bet will ride on that point number.
  • Should you have a betting point on a pass line, that number must be rolled before the seven to win.
  • If you have a point on the don’t pass line, the seven must be rolled before your number to win.

2. Come and Don’t Come

Once you’ve become familiar with the concept of the don’t pass and pass lines, you can move on to the next bet – the don’t come and come bets.  A come bet has matching rules to the pass line, but it’s made after a come-out roll. The don’t come bet has the same rules as the don’t pass line, although it can only be placed after the come-out roll.

3. The Best Bet

Although punters can use plenty of wagers when playing craps, the bets with the lowest house edge are don’t pass and don’t come. If you wish to maximise your winning chances, wager on these two options.

The house edge on the pass line is 1,41 per cent, whereas the house edge on the don’t pass line is 1,36 per cent.  The house edge on come is 1,41 per cent, whereas the house edge on don’t come is 1,36 per cent.  Therefore, the house edges of 1.36 per cent represent the best value. So, this should be your wager if you’re after making a profit.

4. Odds Bets Lower the House Edge

Even though craps has an inherently low house edge, you can lower it more by placing the odds side bets. Odds lack a house edge and are a 50:50 proposition, giving you a payout of 1:1 on your gamble. Different casinos offer distinctive odds amounts. However, as you take higher odds, the house edge drops exponentially. Usually, the odds are capped at three, four, or five-times odds.

5. Prop Bets You Should Try

If you’re determined to try out a prop bet, here are a few that you should focus on:

  • Place eight and Place six – a house edge of 1,52 per cent
  • Lay ten and Lay four – a house edge of 1,67 per cent (unless a commission of 5 per cent applies)
  • Lay five and Lay nine – a house edge of 3,23 per cent
  • Place nine and Place five – a house edge of four per cent

6. Avoid All Other Props

Avoid non-mainstream prop bets since they often carry a terrible house edge. While the payouts might appear sizey, the chances of scoring are tiny.

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