Can Dice Be Rigged to Improve Your Chances of Winning?

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While rolling the desired outcome is more about luck than skill, some dubious players have resorted to faking the dices to win.

Dices are used as both a fun accessory for board and other social games, as well as an integral part of many casino games.  No matter what your game of choice is, you’ll hope that the dices are on your side and working for you.  While a person can’t roll dice with perfection continuously, this can be hacked by creating minor, unnoticeable alterations on the dice. 

While we do not in any way promote cheating, here are a few methods that you can use to fake dice for home use:

Heat the Dice at 93 Degrees Centigrade

Get a sheet of aluminium foil and wrap it around some dice. Put the wrapped dice inside an oven and slowly heat on a baking tray, ensuring that the heat is a maximum of 93 degrees. The heat specification safeguards that the oven temperature doesn’t distort the dice’s colouring and outer structure. After 30 minutes, remove the dice from the oven without modifying the “baking” position of the die. Unwrap the foil after it cools down, then roll the dice to test the difference.

The trick is that when you heat the dice in an oven, the heat melts the upper layer of the dice material. This factor reduces the density of the outer part of the dice. However, the density of the dice on its bottom part increases. The imbalanced density distribution affects the centre of gravity on the die. Hence, the probability of rolling a desired face-up increases as the likelihood of landing on the heavier side diminishes substantially.

Drill and Fill the Dice with Lead

For this trick, you’ll need a drill, a dot-sized narrow-gauge drill bit, super glue, white paint, and lead pellets. Then consider the face-up dice side that you wish to focus on. For instance, if you’re trying to fake the dice for craps, drill from the opposite side of the number six side to add weight.

Carefully drill into a number pit to avoid altering the general look of the dice. The drill bit must be 1/16th of an inch with smooth edges for this to be done correctly.  As you drill, clamp the die to guard your fingers. After that, insert a small nail or lead pellets to prop up the side of the dice that you want to make weightier. Ensure that the filling object you select equals the diameter and length of the pits you have drilled.

To do this, have wire cutters or a bolt to clip off any protruding lengths. Finally, add glue to affix the pellets steadily on the pits, and remember to paint over these.  When drilling the holes, make sure that the length does not extend too deep into the other side.

Use a Variable Load Method

This method is complex as it involves drilling numerous number pits on the dice. However, you must leave one hole undrilled. This hack needs patience and time, but it is highly effective. The key to successful drilling lies in creating a uniform interior. Here, the most effective device to apply is a dentists’ pick.

After drilling all but one of the number pits, pour glue over each hole. After the glue dries, add some lead weight. You must insert several bearings at the interior centre so that the dice rolls normally. Furthermore, ensure that you restore the size of your dice to the dimensions of a standard unloaded dice. Remember to smooth off the dice exterior to erase any evidence of loading.

Lastly, mix paraffin, coconut oil and wax to coat the interior and secure the bearings from rattling. Seal off the number pits, paint them, and you are ready to play. This method allows you to liquefy the solution inside the dice using your body temperature when clutching it. To realign the lead and shift it to get an optimal outcome, let the dice sit on a cold surface to solidify before using it to play.

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