What is the Origin of the “Bingo” Name of the Game

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Bingo is one of the most popular social games with millions of adherents, although few know the true origin of the bingo name of the game.

Bingo is, without a doubt, one of the most liked family-friendly gambling games. Bingo halls across North America draw in tens of thousands of players who flock to enjoy the light-hearted nature of the game and the great socialising opportunities that bingo night encounters offer. Even though bingo halls are the main arena where the game is played, some online casinos also provide the option of playing bingo online. 

But have you ever wondered what the origin of the bingo name is? Let’s delve further to learn about the history of this exciting game and how it ended up being called BINGO.

The History of Bingo

Bingo, in its most conventional form, can be traced back to Italy and the year 1530. As more people started to enjoy the game, its popularity spread to other regions like France, which it reached in the 1770s. There, the game was predominantly enjoyed by wealthy French nobility who played it as an everyday leisure activity. Germans found out about the game in the 1800s and devised a more productive purpose for it. They used the essentials of the game to teach students spelling, history, and even math.

It’s unclear when the game reached the US, but we do know that it was called “beano” at the time. The name beano arose from the use of beans in the game. A dealer would pick a few small, numbered discs from a box and call these out. Players would then mark the numbers off on their cards by using beans to do this. Whoever was lucky enough to get a winning pattern first would shout out, BEANO!

The game’s popularity further grew and spread to all parts of North America under the name beano. But all of that changed in 1929 during one carnival event in Georgia. Edwin Lowe, one of the players at the carnival, took it upon himself to rename the game after he overheard someone shout out BINGO, in place of BEANO, when they completed a winning pattern. And the rest is history, with the bingo name of the game sticking around to this day.

Contemporary Bingo Games

A lot has changed and been perfected regarding the game since then. Bingo halls these days operate with better playing cards, professional callers coordinate the activities, and players can enjoy excellent markers, comfortable seating, and even cash prizes. Of course, you can play bingo for real money online at any of the best online casinos in Canada that offer this game.

Players have even developed strategies to boost their chances of winning when playing bingo online. We’ve got you covered if you wish to know more about bingo. Take a look at our other guide dealing with the best bingo strategies to employ while playing the game online.

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