What Freebies You Can Expect at an Online Casino

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For a casino to remain competitive, it needs to attract as many new players as possible, with freebies being the best method to achieve this.

Casino freebies have taken the market by storm.  These incentives that online casinos use to attract new clients and keep the existing ones have proven to be an effective marketing and retention tool.  Freebies are items that are given to players when they participate in games. 

Of course, everyone likes to receive something for free, and most players will end up spending back what they get from a casino.  The casinos offer freebies to both new and existing players, depending on their loyalty tier.  Here are a few perks offered by casinos to players to incentivise them to spend more:

1. New Player Bonus

A new player bonus often comes in the form of a deposit bonus, whereby casinos deposit a little extra cash into a player’s account, which they can use to place further bets.

The casinos also offer no-deposit bonuses, where there’s no obligation for a player to deposit any cash to get a reward. Once the player is registered, they would receive this bonus, which automatically gets credited to their account for onsite play.

Another less common new player bonus is an hours-free bonus. This bonus awards the player several credits that they can use for a fixed number of hours. If a player ends up winning while using these credits, they will receive cash as a bonus.

2. Free Spins

Some online casinos offer promotions to their players where they can win free spins. Free spins are usually given on specific online slots to promote a new game or attract a player back to a casino. The casino would deposit the winnings from the free spins into the player’s bonus account.

However, a player must fulfil all wagering requirements to withdraw the funds. The wagering requirements vary from one casino to the next and depend on the slot game being played. Casinos that are renowned for online slots are often ideal places to find this type of freebie.

3. Random Rewards

Casinos sometimes randomly give rewards to players. You may open your email one day and find a message from your casino informing you of some randomly deposited cash in your account. Certain casinos try to hearten their players to play regularly by offering free cash deposits into their accounts.

Casinos offer bonus money irrespective of any other promotion. The players who have not visited the casino website for a long time are usually targeted with this bonus to encourage them to come back and play.

4. Loyalty Programmes

Casinos offer loyalty programmes to players who join as new members. Once the player has registered, the casino will automatically enrol them into the scheme. The programme looks at the number of deposits, the amount of money spent, and the frequency of play at a casino. These three factors then determine the type of reward that a player would be eligible to earn.

Some casinos use a point system, which the player can use to redeem for gifts at the casino shop. Other casinos offer cash bonuses that players can receive once they reach a specific number of points in a single month. However, the overall idea is straightforward – the more you spend within the shortest period of time, the higher the reward from the casino.

5. Site Promos

This is a bonus that players pick after they have already registered on a casino site. Here, they would look for any upcoming promotions the casino might advertise. These promotions often come in different formats, like a weekend-only promotion, during which any deposit would get an equivalent bonus.

Players can also earn cash for making deposits where, at other times, they wouldn’t have done so. The frequency of the promotions ultimately depends on the casino, and players must choose a casino that they deem best for their requirements.

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