The Most Amazing Themed Casinos Globally

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Venetian Macao. Image Credit: Shutterstock

The setting and appearance often determine whether you will visit a venue, with many casinos going out of their way with their unique look and feel.

The physical appearance of a place is a critical factor in determining its overall attraction to onlookers and visitors.  People are excited by unique and interesting architecture, especially when this comes in tandem with lighting effects and plush interior décor.    

The world’s top casinos have considered all the crucial visual aspects and used them to their advantage.  Using architecture to express a particular theme and form an apt setting that correlates with it has allowed casinos to create themed microcosms of faraway destinations and out-of-this-world phantasy worlds.

While there is an overabundance of themed casinos globally, here are some of the most famous and popular ones:

1. Grand Lisboa

The Grand Lisboa Casino is a relatively new kid on the global casino scene block. Nonetheless, the Grand Lisboa quickly overtook the competition and instilled itself as an unmistakable Macao landmark. The casino’s reflective theme is accentuated with a golden 856-feet tower and a giant dome beneath it. At night, the building comes into its own with a full spectrum of lights and myriad colours lighting up the entire tower.

If you are a fan of glamour and sophistication, you should visit the Grand Lisboa.  The venue blends all the ideal themes expected from any casino, including an ambience based exclusively on entertainment.

2. Venetian Macau

Venetian Macau is the world’s largest casino, occupying an area of approximately 550 square meters. Themed on Venice’s beautiful canals, Venetian Macau has an artificial “see sky” and perfect air conditioning systems that match the Italian weather. The picturesque gondolas gliding along the canals, narrow walkways, and quaint piazzas will have you thinking you’re in a fantasy world.

Apart from its fantastic scenery, Venetian Macau houses some award-winning restaurants. The casino has won Macau’s Leading Resort and Asia’s Top Entertainment Complex awards.

The resort also boasts an excellent hotel, which blends in the ornate architecture of Venice with the rich cultural heritage of Macao. When the casino opened, it was the third-largest building in the world and the biggest one in Asia.

3. Bellagio

The casino’s fantastic water feature, Fountain of Bellagio, is a daily show that best incorporates Bellagio’s theme. Water soars to approximately 460 feet in the air, with exhibition spans exceeding 1,000 feet. Onlookers are allowed to marvel at the water show that choreographically blends with the music and lighting.

Because of its unique design, many movies have been filmed at the Bellagio, and you may have seen the fantastic views from the casino incorporated in one of your favourite TV shows. And the spectacular blend of colours and themes are definitely worth your time. So, plan a visit and experience all the marvellous features of the Bellagio.

4. Foxwoods Resort

The Foxwoods Resort Casino follows a Native American theme. It incorporates a wide variety of colours in various patterns and geometric forms. The interior decor keeps changing but maintains a level of style and elegance.

Foxwoods Casino is a five-star casino, and the United States is one of the very few countries that host this type of establishment.  Apart from its unique themes and a wonderful sense of creativity and design, Foxwoods also has the best games. If you want to enjoy a wide variety of games in the best possible environment, give Foxwoods a shot.

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