7 Secrets to Winning Big on Slot Machines and Earning Real Money

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Slots are by far the most popular of all the casino games.  Knowing a few casino slots tips will better your chances the next time you spin the reels.

The first thing that you notice when you walk into any inhouse casino is the abundance of slots machines peppered across the casino floor.  In most larger casinos, the number of slots machines drastically exceeds the selection of available table games like blackjack, poker and roulette, of which there are only a few available.

You may be asking yourself why this might be the case.  The answer is relatively simple.  Slots machines are easy to play.  There’s no skills or strategic knowledge required, and each game relies predominantly on luck.  Subsequently, this uncomplicated betting method has become the most popular way to gamble at any inhouse and online casino, never failing to draw in the crowds.

Slot Machine Tips for Success

While the outcome of each spin on a slots machine is governed by luck, there are a few casino slot machine secrets that you can consider, to better your chances of winning:

1. Lady Luck Shines on the Attentive

The adage “winners know when to stop” is the best policy when both losing and winning.  If you are in the middle of a lucky streak, push forward cautiously.  Conversely, should your luck turn, don’t chase losses.  Spending more than you can afford is a sure way to leave with empty pockets and dented pride.

2. Check the Payout Ratio

A slots machine’s payout ratio or return to player (RTP) is an indication of the return a specific machine pays.  The higher the payout ratio, the more opportunities you will have to strike it lucky.  The RTP can be as high as 98% on some slots games, so make sure you double-check this data before you play.

3. Review the Reviews

There’s nothing more objective than checking out what others that have to say about a specific slots game after playing it themselves.  If over 80% of all reviews are overwhelmingly positive, then it’s a good chance that the slots game is worth a shot.  Contrary to this, a flood of negative comments should ring warning bells and is a clear indication to veer away from a specific game.

4. Time is of the Essence

Keeping a close track of time when playing will lessen possible pitfalls during gameplay.  Always set aside a designated time period (and budget!) when gambling.  Remember, long sessions in front of the reels do not translate directly into bigger winnings.  When your limit is reached, your game should end.

5. Perfect your Skills on Free Games

Certain online casinos offer free-to-play versions of their real money slots games.  If your online casino offers this benefit, make full use of it.  By honing your skills on a free game, you will learn that game’s ins and outs, which will, in turn, give you more confidence when playing the real deal.

6. Make Use of Casino Loyalty Points and Bonuses

Another freebie offered by online casinos is loyalty points.  These points amass during gameplay (e.g. for every CA$300 that you spend, you get CA$1 of free casino credits) and, when sufficiently accumulated, can be used to fund your next slots game.  Also, use any bonuses that a casino might allocate you towards your slots experience.

7. Raise Your Bets Gradually

Start your online slots strategy with smaller bets to get the feel of a game first.  Betting CA$10 a spin when your budget is CA$50 is probably unwise and will not boost your chances of winning the jackpot.  Curtail your gambling passion and raise your bets step by step.

Whether you love them or have certain reservations towards them, slots games have become part of the furniture of any reputable casino establishment and form the backbone of their offering.  Although, at first, these games might appear pretty straight forward, beware of sudden swings of luck and misfortune, as your probability of loss remains high throughout the gameplay.  To reduce the risk, make use of the above online slot tips and enjoy your next slots game with more confidence and skill.

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