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Shinobi Spirit Online Slot Review

Shinobi Spirit holds the punch with the ancient martial art ways of the Ninja. Join us on an action-packed journey filled with mystery and intrigue. The game experience is riveting, the graphics are stunning, and the sound effects are enthralling. Grab your seats firmly and enjoy the assortment of features that are waiting for you on the reels. Ultimately, reveal the secrets of the Shinobi as you discover hidden treasures. Shinobi Spirit is a real-money online video slots game brought to you by Print Studios. This game is played on 5 reels with 26 paylines. Shinobi Spirit is an excellent game for Canadian online players who are after lucrative wins.

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Slot Details

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Place your bet to experience the ancient combat techniques of the Ninja and snatch up an epic win. The Autoplay Function is available to players who wish to sit back and relax while enjoying the Special Features. Faster-paced players may opt for the Turbo Spin Function.

You can win up to a capped amount of C$20,000 x the bet.

Shinobi Spirit Game Rules

• Matching adjacent symbol combinations award the highest win.
• Line wins begin from the extreme left reel and pay left to right on adjacent reels only.
• Scatter Symbols will pay from any position.
• Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Shinobi Spirit Bamboo Power Feature

• Landing a Shinobi Symbol on reel 5 in the base game and slashing a Bamboo Prize Symbol on the same row pays out its Prize value times the bet.
• Bamboo Prize Symbols can land with Prizes of up to 100 x the bet.

Shinobi Spirit Bonus Feature

• Landing 3, 4, or 5 Scatter Symbols award entry to the Shinobi Spirit Bonus Feature.
• During this feature, the player can slash Prizes for as long as an active Shinobi Symbol is present on the reels.
• A Shinobi Symbol starts with 3 lives and loses 1 life per spin.
• For each slashed symbol, a Shinobi Symbol gains 1 life, up to a maximum of 3 lives.
• Bamboo Prize values double with each additional slash.

Shinobi Spirit Hidden Powers Feature

• Hidden powers fill the ancient village of spirits.
• Each power activates when a Shinobi Symbol slashes.
• The Great Spirit adds its number to all remaining Bamboo Prize Symbols.
• The Shinobi Symbol goes into a frenzy and slashes in the best direction, starting from the mask’s position to the edge of the slashed direction. This process is repeated until all targets in view are destroyed.

• The Shinobi Symbol then slashes afresh in the best direction, upright from its current position.
• Any Bamboo Prize Symbol slashed by the Shinobi Symbol is sliced twice as long as the Shinobi is active.

Shinobi Spirit Golden Shinobi Symbol

• The Golden Shinobi Symbol can slash in the same manner as the regular Shinobi Symbol; however, it has 6 lives instead of 3.
• The Golden Shinobi Symbol adds the Prize value of the slashed Bamboo Prize Symbol to all the remaining Bamboo Prize Symbols.

Shinobi Spirit Bamboo Prize Merge Feature

• At the end of any Shinobi Bonus Spin, Bamboo Prize Symbols can merge, leaving 1 Bamboo Prize Symbol on the reels.
• The remaining Bamboo Prize Symbol holds the Prize value of the sum of all Prizes before the merge.

Shinobi Spirit Scatter Symbol

• Landing 4 Scatter Symbols will award an additional Prize of 20 x the total bet.
• Landing 5 Scatter Symbols will award an additional Prize of 100 x the total bet.

Scatter Boost Feature

• The Scatter Boost Feature, once activated, removes all Scatter Symbols from the reels.
• Activating the Scatter Boost Feature incurs a cost equivalent to half of the current bet.

Bonus Buy Feature

• Press the Bonus Buy icon to activate this feature.
• The Bonus Buy Feature is played at 100 x the regular bet.

More about the History of Shinobi

In feudal Japan, highly skilled covert agents, known as Shinobis or Ninjas, reigned supreme. They emerged in the 15th century and played a crucial role in espionage, sabotage, and unconventional warfare. Trained in secrecy and stealth, Shinobi were masters of disguise, infiltration, and assassination.

Feudal lords initially hired them to gather intelligence on enemies and conduct secret operations. Over time, their influence grew, and they became associated with various clans and schools, each developing unique techniques and strategies.

The Iga and Koga clans, renowned for their exceptional skills and loyalty to their lords, were among the most famous groups of Shinobi. They struck fear into the hearts of their adversaries with their abilities and reputation on the battlefield.

Despite their legendary status, much of the history of Shinobi remains shrouded in mystery due to their secretive nature and limited historical records. However, modern media continues depicting them as powerful and elusive cultural figures, ensuring their legacy lives on.

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