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Grim Reaper Supermatch Online Slot Review

Welcome to Grim Reaper Supermatch. Plunge into the dark world of the Grim Reaper for a spine-chilling adventure. Face the ultimate challenge and confront the Grim Reaper in this action-packed slots game. Remember, the choices you make determine your fate! Grim Reaper Supermatch is a real-money online video slots game brought to you by Nailed It! Games. This game is played on 5 reels with 3-30 matching symbols that appear anywhere on the reels. Grim Reaper Supermatch is an excellent game for Canadian online players who are after lucrative wins.

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Slot Details

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Place your bet to confront the Grim Reaper. The Bonus Feature is thrilling, and you can snatch an epic win. The Autoplay Function is available to players who wish to sit back and relax while enjoying the Special Features. Faster-paced players may opt for the Turbo Spin Function.

You can win up to a capped amount of C$5,000 x the bet.

Grim Reaper Supermatch Game Rules

• Matching adjacent symbol combinations awards the highest win.
• The game’s objective is to uncover the rows and land matching symbols.
• The game begins with 1 active row.
• The base bet does not include the Bet Booster cost.

Grim Reaper Supermatch Matching Symbol Rules

• The game awards wins for matching symbols.
• The game unlocks the 1st row at the beginning of the game.
• Place a bet to reveal the 1st row, and further rows when symbols match.
• Only 1 symbol type can match in a single round.

• 3 or more identical symbols revealed on the 1st row constitute a match.
• A match on the 1st row determines the matching symbol for the round and unlocks the 2nd row.
• Uncovering at least 1 matching symbol on the next row unlocks the following row, up to row 6.

• The round ends when a revealed row holds no matching symbols, or all uncovered rows contain matching symbols.

Grim Reaper Supermatch Wild Symbols

• The Wild Symbol can land on rows 2 to 6.
• When a Wild Symbol lands, it becomes a Spreading Wild Symbol and spreads across the entire row.
• Wild Symbols count as the current matching symbol.

Grim Reaper Supermatch Mega Respins

• Landing a matching symbol on the 6th row awards Mega Respins.
• This feature plays instantly when triggered.
• All nonmatching symbols on the board respin, which can generate extra matching symbols.

• The feature continues to retrigger when new matching symbols land, filling the board with winning symbols to form a 30-of-a-kind combination.
• The feature ends when matching symbols fill the board or a respin fails to reveal matching symbols.

Grim Reaper Supermatch Mystery Stacks Feature

• The Mystery Stacks Feature can trigger in the base game and the Free Spins.
• At least 3 Mystery Symbols must land on row 1 to trigger this feature.
• Each Mystery Symbol expands independently by 1 to 5 positions in height.

• Mystery Symbols stack up to a maximum height, ranging from 2 to 6 symbols.
• All Mystery Symbols turn into the same random paying symbol.
• The uncovered symbols determine the winning symbol for the spin.

Grim Reaper Supermatch Halfway Bonus

• Land at least 1 matching symbol on row 3 to activate a Halfway Bonus.
• 1 Of 5 Halfway Bonus Features is randomly awarded to the player.
• Halfway Bonus Features are Symbol Upgrade, 15-of-a-kind, Second Chance, x2 Multiplier, and Soul Booster.

• Symbol Upgrade promotes the winning symbols in rows 1 to 3 to a higher-paying symbol.
• This Bonus Feature is only available if the winning symbol is not already the highest-paying symbol.

• 15-of-a-kind converts all non-winning symbols to winning symbols on rows 1 to 3.
• This Bonus Feature is only available if there’s no 15-of-a-kind symbol sequence on rows 1 to 3.

• Second Chance respins the row that was uncovered with no matching symbols.

• An additional Mega Respin is awarded if Second Chance is active when the Mega Respins Feature is triggered.
• x2 Multiplier doubles the total win on a winning symbol.

• Soul Booster adds 1 to 5 Blue Soul Symbols to the Soulcatcher Meter in the base game or 1 to 5 Red Soul Symbols to the Free Spins Soul Collection Meter in the Free Spins.
• Soul Booster is unavailable in the Free Spins if the Soul Collection Meter is full.

Grim Reaper Supermatch Free Spins Feature

• Land at least 3 Free Spins Symbols on row 1 to trigger this feature.
• 3 Free Spins Symbols award 10 Free Spins.
• 4 Free Spins Symbols award 15 Free Spins.
• 5 Free Spins Symbols award 20 Free Spins.

• At the start of each Free Spin, 2 to 8 Red Soul Symbols spread across the rows.
• Uncover Red Soul Symbols to record in the Free Spins Soul Collection Meter.
• Collecting 5 Red Soul Symbols awards 3 extra Free Spins and removes the lowest-paying symbol from the remaining spins.

Soul Bonus

• The Soulcatcher Chest is only active in the base game.
• At the start of each base game spin, 2 to 8 Blue Soul Symbols spread across the rows.
• Uncover Blue Soul Symbols to collect in the Soulcatcher Chest.
• Every collected Blue Soul Symbol increases the player’s chance of triggering the Soulcatcher Bonus.
• The Soulcatcher Chest resets once the Soulcatcher Bonus triggers.

• 1 Spin is played with a unique set of symbols in the Soulcatcher Bonus. Purple Gem, Orange Gem, Red Gem, and Blue Gem Symbols exist.
• Each Special Symbol has a unique payout dependent on the base bet.
• All rows are active in this feature.

• Each row is independently revealed, starting from row 1; this gives the player a chance to uncover 1 of the Special Symbols in each position.
• All positions must be revealed to verify the winning symbol; the most popular symbol type determines the winning symbol.
• If 2 or more Special Symbols appear in equal amounts, the higher-paying symbol becomes the winning symbol.

Bet Booster

• This feature is not available above a certain bet threshold.
• 2 Bet Booster options are available: Stacks & Moons and Always Match.
• Once selected, activate the Bet Booster with the spin button or deselect before further play.
• Enable Stacks & Moons to guarantee that only Mystery and Free Spins Symbols appear on row 1.
• This option costs 20x the bet to activate.
• Enable Always Match to guarantee a symbol match on row 1 with the next spin.
• This option costs 4x the bet to activate.
• Placing a regular bet deactivates any previous Bet Boosters.
• This option returns the cost to 1x the bet.

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