Gemix 2 Review

A thriving world of crystals and fantasy waits for you! Return to the delights of Gemix to recharge that mystical inspiration. Gemix 2 is an online video slots game that is brought to you by Play’n GO and is played on 7 x 7 reels, with cluster pays. This game answers to the call of the whimsical hearted player, who is looking for an authentic online Canadian slot.  

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Slot Details

To be part of this magic you shall have to book your spot, by placing your bet. Spectators may select the Autoplay Function to witness this mystical voyage in comfort. The faster paced enthusiast is encouraged to opt for the Turbo Spin Function.

Cluster Pays

  • Wins are achieved by obtaining 5 or more symbols in cluster format.
  • Winning clusters will be removed to avail space for new symbols to fill up the grid.
  • Cascades will continue until all winning combinations are exhausted.

Crystal Charge Meter

All wins during a game round will contribute towards powering up the CRYSTAL CHARGE Meter.

When the CRYSTAL CHARGE Meter is half powered (by 25 winning symbols) and all cascades are exhausted, it will be activated, duly triggering 1 of the following effects:

  • CHAIN LIGHTNING: 2 Opposite corner symbols will spurt an electrical arc and destroy all symbols on that current. All affected symbols will transmute and become uniform in type to those corner symbols;


  • LIGHT BEAM: Light rays will be emitted both vertically and horizontally from a symbol on the grid. All symbols affected will be transformed into other symbol types;


  • CRYSTAL WARP: A symbol will be selected on the grid. That chosen symbol, along with other symbols of the same kind will warp into different symbol types; and


  • NOVA BLAST: A symbol will be selected on the grid. The chosen symbol will explode, duly removing all adjacent symbols from the grid (within the 7 symbol diameter blast). A cluster of core symbols will remain in the wake of this eruption (all identical in symbol type).  

After the effect, the game will continue as normal, allowing the CRYSTAL CHARGE Meter to power up once again – with the possibility of creating additional wins!

Should the gamer collect 50 winning symbols, the meter will become SUPER CHARGED, duly triggering ALL 4 CRYSTAL CHARGE EFFECTS SIMULTANEOUSLY, WITH A X 2 MULTIPLIER!

  • The meter will be re-triggered by each additional 50 winning symbols collected, causing the MULTIPLIER to increase by x 2 (up to a maximum of x 20)!


World Bonus Round

There are 4 Worlds in this feature, each bearing a World Guardian who exhibits a distinctive WILD SYMBOL. The applicable WILD SYMBOL will substitute any other symbol (in order to assist in the composition of winning combinations).


  • The WILD SYMBOLS will morph into Miner WILD SYMBOLS should a CRYSTAL CHARGE be triggered during the game round.


To shift through the Worlds the gamer is to strike the cluster wins, in sync with the highlighted grid patterns. Clearing a pattern will ensure progress to the following World.


  • After succeeding in a World, the player will be afforded with the opportunity of participating in the PICK-A-POCKET Game. During this fixture the gamer may attain the current World Bonus (this bonus will be increased with any win during a game round).

The World Guardian will be the first to appear, presenting the following:  

  • Sky Knight’s World: Up to 2 MEGA WILDS may appear on the grid, behaving as if they are single symbols, attached to a x 1 MULTIPLIER.
    • Should 2 MEGA WILDS form part of the same winning combination, both symbols will substitute as a single symbol and only 1 MULTIPLIER will be applied to the gains.


  • Miner’s World: WILD SYMBOLS will cascade down from the top, duly landing in different positions upon the grid, replacing the regular symbols.
    • Up to 10 WILD SYMBOLS may appear.
    • These WILD SYMBOLS will be removed if appearing in a winning combination.


  • Princess’ World: An edge symbol will be selected to prompt the process. This symbol will then transmute into a WILD SYMBOL and spread to adjacent symbols, until reaching one of the edge symbols of the grid.
    • These WILD symbols will be removed if appearing in a winning combination.


  • Wizard’s World: Up to 5 STICKY WILDS may appear in different positions on the grid.
    • These STICKY WILD SYMBOLS will not cascade down when symbols below are eliminated and will also not be removed when appearing in a winning combination.
    • STICKY WILDS will remain for either a single game round, or until the CRYSTAL CHARGE Meter is triggered.

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