Why is NHL Sports Betting Popular in Canada?

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With the National Hockey League (NHL) trying to normalise its games and crown a Stanley Cup winner by October, many Canadian sports bettors are waiting for the all-clear to place their wagers.

While it seems that NHL has still got some way to go in the US before normal gameplay resumes, it appears that the centre of hockey activities is, for the time being, shifting to Canada.  The Canadian leg of the tournament will be played in Toronto, for the 12 teams from the Eastern Conference, while the same number of Western Conference teams will play in Edmonton.

As one of the most prestigious awards in North American sport, all eyes are on the Stanley Cup, which gets awarded at the beginning of October each year.  Naturally, this provides a perfect sports wagering opportunity for punters across Canada, and the returns can be quite profitable.

How to Wager on NHL Games?

Wagering on NHL games adds to the general atmosphere of anticipation and excitement of who the newly crowned champion will be.  Whether you are a professional bettor or wager for pleasure, there is a team and a betting style that will suit your preferences.

Here are the three most popular methods that you can use to bet on NHL games:

  • Money Line Betting – this is the simplest form of betting, with the bettor wagering on a team that they think will win a game.
  • Over or Under Betting – with this betting style, you wager on the total number of goals that will be scored during a game, irrespective of who the game-winner is.
  • Puck Line Betting – puck line betting requires a bit of skill in order to score a win. A non-favoured team will get one and a half goals removed from their total while the favoured team will have one and a half goals attached to theirs.  You can bet on either of the teams.  If your favoured team wins, you will score a small profit, while a non-favoured team win will award you a more substantial profit.

Growing Popularity of NHL Sports Betting in Canada

There are two reasons why the betting industry in Canada is interested in hockey:

  1. There is overwhelming popularity of hockey in Canada. Along with basketball, baseball and football, it is one of the big four sports and has superb internet coverage.
  2. The rise of the internet has facilitated activities such as online gambling and online sports betting. By migrating online, betting companies have captured a considerable audience to whom they can market their services.

As we look forward to the resumption of the 2020 NHL season, we hope that it provides excellent wagering opportunities to all sports bettors out there.

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