Which Online Casino Games are Good for Making Profit?

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The online casino industry is booming, having reached US$58 billion in 2020.  Estimates indicate that this value will more than double by 2027 to a whopping US$127,3 billion, with a compounded annual growth rate of 11,5 per cent, meaning there is profit to be made with online casino games.

For most of us, enjoying an occasional online casino game is all about having fun.  However, some players use their gambling prowess to enjoy themselves and make some money.  For financially driven players, the knowledge of games that should be played in the pursuit of gambling money is essential.

Can You Win Big Money When Playing Online?

The answer is simple – you can win big moolah from regularly playing online casino games.  It naturally boils down to luck and which games you chose to play to boost your winning chances.  Historically, some of the most notable gambling wins took place online, and there are ample opportunities to coin it big at online casinos.

One of the most famous online casino wins took place in the UK, when a 26-year-old soldier, Jon Heywood, cleared a £13,2 jackpot with a mere 26p bet.  This has remained, to date, one of the luckiest gambling wins ever won online, proving that hitting a serious jackpot is possible online.

What to Look Out for When Choosing Online Games?

The easiest way to check which games are right for you is to pinpoint those that offer the highest profits.  Subsequently, your first port of call should always be the return-to-player percentage or RTP.

RTP is the percentage of the rewards a player can expect from a casino game.  Usually, slot machines tend to be the most popular when it comes to these evaluations.  The RTP is always calculated over an extended period by analysing the actual gameplay.  RTP should not be confused with the house edge since this deals with how the game gives rewards to all players over an extended period.

Online slot games have the highest RTP that varies between 93 and 99 per cent.  Roulette is also ranked high, with its RTP score ranging from 94 and 98 per cent.  Other games also have RTP percentages, although these tend to be more challenging to calculate.  This holds for games like poker and blackjack, where the level of skill and strategising is also involved.

The Importance of the House Edge

House edge is another critical element to consider if you are after online casino profit.  The house edge is a casino’s percentage of profit in the bet that you place.  Of course, not all casino games are the same. Hence some tend to be more profitable than others.

Table games usually carry low house edge, and include baccarat, blackjack, craps, roulette, sic bo, keno and pai gow.  When you play these games, the more you bet, the higher will be the amount of money you will receive if you win.  As a rule of thumb, go for those casino games with a lower house edge if you wish for your bankroll to last you longer.

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