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Monaco is all about opulence and luxury, so it’s essential that you pay close attention to the Monte Carlo Casino dress code when visiting this and other exclusive gambling venues in the principality.

Are you planning a trip to Monaco and wish to visit the fabled Monte Carlo Casino? If so, don’t expect to be allowed to wear your Las Vegas-style getup. No one cares what you wear in Vegas and most other casinos worldwide. However, the Monte Carlo Casino dress code is different and knowing how to dress will help you blend in with other players.

Origins of the Casino de Monte-Carlo

As one of the most distinguished landmarks in the principality, the Monte Carlo Casino, officially known as the Casino de Monte-Carlo, represents the most exclusive gambling venue in this part of Europe. Back in the 19th century, Monaco was an off-the-beaten-path territory that relied heavily on agriculture and fishing as its primary sources of revenue.

But thanks to Charles III, Prince of Monaco, and his industrious mother, Caroline, Monaco became what it is today. During his reign, which lasted from 1856 until 1889, Monaco was embroiled in civil strife that caused it to lose control over important towns like Menton and Roquebrune, which comprised 80 percent of the principality’s territory.


A Masterpiece of Belle Époque Architecture

With the territory’s coffers empty from years of strife and the budget in dire need of a cash injection, Charles and his mother devised an ingenious plan to erect a gambling complex that would stimulate economic activity in the principality.

The complex, built in the lavish Belle Époque architectural style, was the brainchild of François Blanc, a French entrepreneur and casino mogul affectionately nicknamed The Magician of Monte Carlo. The Parisian architect in charge of the project was Gobineau de la Bretonnerie.

The building works commenced in 1858, and the new casino opened its doors seven years later. The new casino building exuded luxury and elegance, with awe-inspiring décor gracing its intricately curated and sophisticated interiors. Moreover, the well-appointed card salons illuminated with Bohemian crystal chandeliers and hand-crafted gambling tables are a trademark that helps the casino draw a more sophisticated clientele to this day.

Best Times to Visit the Monte Carlo Casino

Because Monte Carlo is blessed with a Mediterranean climate year-round, there is no downtime. However, visiting during specific periods of the year is often more challenging. Like most gambling venues worldwide, this casino operates on a first-come, first-served basis. As a result, during the peak summer season, it’s much harder to get in.

There are also periods during spring when the place is bustling. April is a tricky month to travel to Monaco. Also, several events, such as the Monaco Grand Prix and the state ball, coincide in May. So, you’ll need to make early reservations if you’d like to attend events around this time. Conversely, the late autumn and winter months are a good time to swing by for those seeking less crowding.

Monte Carlo Casino Opening Hours

Unlike Las Vegas, the casino in Monte Carlo is not open 24/7. There’s no such thing as a breakfast buffet before your early morning slots. Instead, the casino opens at 2 pm daily and stays open until 4 am the following morning. This includes major holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Day.

However, during the casino’s cleaning hours, which happen daily from 9 am to 1 pm, non-gambling tourists are allowed to enter. Inside, they can feast their eyes on baroque finishes and take the usual Instagram snaps to evoke the envy of their friends. Even so, no gambling is permitted during these hours.

Monte Carlo Casino Dress Code

The Monte Carlo Casino is not your average Las Vegas casino, and strict regulations regarding the dress code exist. While Sin City casinos don’t have a formal dress code, that is not true in Monaco. However, the level of dressing up depends on the area inside the casino and the time of day.

The casino outright prohibits shorts, flip-flops, and sneakers. Bathing costumes are also a big no-no. For example, at some Vegas casinos, women wear a bikini top with a sarong skirt while on the floor, which the Casino de Monte-Carlo does not allow.

The casino is also very picky regarding jeans, although you might get away with wearing them on a slow day if you are lucky enough. However, if you are serious about gambling, you wouldn’t want to risk it.

While there is a flat-out ban on some clothing, the rest of the dress code is vaguer. The casino instructs its visitors to wear “proper attire”, leaving you to judge what you should wear. For example, dresses and khakis are always acceptable, along with pants and skirts.  On the other hand, the casino looks down on t-shirts.

Daytime vs Evening Attire at Casino de Monte-Carlo

Also, the Monte Carlo Casino dress code distinguishes between afternoon and evening attire. The Salle Renaissance and Atrium rooms allow appropriate casual attire from 2 pm and 9 am, respectively. The Salle Europe permits casual wear between 2 pm and 7 pm, although trainers, sandals and flip flops are banned, along with ripped or stonewashed jeans and other sportswear. 

If you visit the casino at night, your dress should be more evening appropriate. This means that the men are expected to wear jackets, while women should ramp up to something more elegant, with dresses or suits always encouraged.

Don’t Go Overboard or Too Eccentric

Movies that emphasise the Monte Carlo Casino dress code often portray men wearing tuxedos and ladies sporting designer-label evening gowns. However, on an average night, most patrons wear smart-casual attire.

There’ll always be a gentleman or two who will parade around in a white tie and tails, sometimes accompanied by a cane and an exceptionally polished pair of black leather shoes. Or a lady might be strolling about in a couture gown with white gloves and diamonds. Remember, looking affluent is acceptable, but don’t go overboard and look like a clown.

What Games Does Monte Carlo Casino Offer?

The Monte Carlo Casino boasts several salons where guests can participate in various gambling and entertainment activities. The casino offers slot machines, as well as gaming rooms and tables for trente et quarante, roulette, craps, blackjack, and various forms of poker. Although all these games are popular, the casino’s most popular drawcard is baccarat. Furthermore, guests may opt for higher bets in private salons where the dress code is strictly enforced. 

What Should You Bring Along to Monte Carlo Casino?

If you are a first-time visitor to the Casino de Monte-Carlo, check out the below list of items you should bring along:

– You must carry an ID or a passport to gain entrance to the casino

– You will need to pay €7 entrance fee and put down a €10 credit for in-house purchases

Be careful not to take photos of other people inside the casino, as you will be politely asked to delete these and then clear your deleted items folder.   

Rubbing the Horse’s Knee and Other Curiosities

Many casino goers visit the Hôtel de Paris atrium before heading to the casino. Here, they rub the knee of King Louis XIV of France’s equestrian statue, which is said to offer good luck.

Although it remains one of the most popular attractions in the Principality, no local citizen can enter or play at the casino. Even the royal family is not allowed to enter due to a law passed in 1987. The law prevents croupiers from interacting with family members at the tables to potentially help them cheat their way to a win.

The casino hosted the filming of four casino-themed movies. These include James Bond instalments GoldenEye and Never Say Never Again, as well as Fast and Furious 5.

Monaco: Worth the Visit?

Even without an airport, Monaco is one of the easiest-to-reach destinations in Europe. The Principality is crisscrossed by several of Europe’s busiest transportation routes and offers some of the most scenic Mediterranean views. 

As one of the most famous destinations in Europe, tourism remains Monaco’s largest industry. Whether visiting by road or sea, Monaco has a rich history and a wealth of things to do. This means that each traveller that makes the journey is rewarded in one way or another. And remember to pay close attention to the Monte Carlo Casino dress code when you visit.

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