Things to Know About Staying at a Casino Hotel

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With gambling tourism skyrocketing, it’s not a surprise that more and more punters choose to spend a night or few at a casino hotel located within their favourite casino resort.

Plush hotels are associated with famous casinos.  In Las Vegas, almost every renowned casino has an equally legendary hotel attached to it.  The selection of rooms at these hotels ranges from glitzy presidential suites that come with all the trappings of luxury and extravagance, to more modest but just as smart rooms for other guests.

What makes casino hotels popular is their proximity to the actual casinos.  For those who enjoy spending their time behind the reels until the early hours of the morning, there’s nothing more convenient than taking a short stroll to a nearby hotel room to rest.  Casino hotels are also ideal for those who don’t plan to gamble but wish to enjoy all the features, entertainment and gastronomy that a casino complex has to offer.

Important tips About Staying at a Casino Hotel

Whatever your mission, there are a few things you should know about staying at a casino hotel.

Tight, Yet Polite Security

If your main worry is security, then you can put your mind at ease when staying at a casino hotel.  Since casinos themselves are always on the lookout for suspicious activity, they employ advanced security teams, or even the police, to protect their perimeter.  There will also likely be a good camera coverage of the hotels, as is the case with the casino floor.

All of this means that you can sleep without a worry in the world.  Naturally, be aware of your own behaviour and excessive alcohol to avoid a brush with the law.

Remember to Tip

Although tipping is not required in some places, it forms part of proper etiquette in others.  While in countries like Australia there is no tipping culture, in Canada it is more customary.  Plan on setting aside CA$1 – CA$5 for the hotel valet and the bellman whenever they handle your car or luggage.  A CA$5 – CA$10 tip is also seen as polite whenever a concierge assists you with an extraordinary or a special request.

Adhere to the Age and Other Restrictions

Since gambling carries an age restriction in almost any country where it is allowed, younger casino hotel guests can also expect tighter screening.  For example, if you are staying at a casino resort in Ontario, and you are 18, you might want to skip ordering a glass of wine with your dinner room service.  To comply with strict gambling age restrictions, hotel guests are also often age-screened when it comes to things like alcohol consumption and movement.

Also, if the hotel room is non-smoking, do not smoke in it!  Besides risking setting off the smoke alarm, you might incur the wrath of hotel security and even be issued with a fine, as well as asked to vacate your room.

Casino Hotel Freebies and Benefits

Casinos love high rollers and will go out of their way to attract and retain as many of these clients as possible.  One of the associated perks for big-buck gamblers is complimentary tokens of appreciation dished out by casinos.  These might include anything from free cocktails and dinner to free rooms at the casino hotels.

Also, casino hotels are often heavily subsidised by the casinos themselves, since the floor is where the real money comes from.  Therefore, comparative accommodation costs are often more favourable in a casino hotel than in a regular hotel.  Like this, casinos use cheap accommodation to lure guests to come, stay on the premises and visit the casino floor.

Attractions in Their Own Right

Since a large number of casinos double up as amusement complexes, staying at one of their hotels gives the visitor easy access to a wide array of entertainment features.  Besides hotels, casinos often host trendy restaurants and bars, glitzy nightclubs and large theatres where concerts and performances take place regularly.

Whether you stay a single night or decide to spend a few days at the resort, casino hotels are well suited for you.  With easy accessibility to everything that a casino resort has to offer, casino hotels are an excellent springboard for all that you wish to see and do.  So, delay no further and book your next casino holiday now.

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