Interesting Facts About Gambling and Casinos That You Didn’t Know

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There are numerous myths, stories, tales, and interesting facts about gambling that have been passed down from generation to generation of avid gamblers.

Casinos have always been a fascinating source of vivid stories, exciting happenings, and interesting facts about gambling that have thrilled and amazed people.

Here are some of the craziest stories that you probably didn’t know about wagering:

1. You Can Voluntarily Ban Yourself from Casinos

Probably the last thing that any devoted gambler would do is to voluntarily ask casinos to ban them from playing. However, some countries permit people with a gambling problem to voluntarily exclude themselves from entering their casinos or logging onto their favourite online casino website. However, there’s no option to change your mind later. If you commit to a lifelong ban, you’ll never be able to revisit your favourite gambling den.

2. The First Slot Wasn’t Found in a Casino

Think again if you thought the first slot machine originated in Las Vegas. The first gambling machine was created in 1895 by Charles Fey, and it wasn’t in Las Vegas. The Liberty Bell slot was developed in Fey’s San Francisco car shop. It gave his customers something to keep them busy while they waited for their car to get repaired. However, its popularity soon spread, and the machine was eventually introduced to casinos to entertain the gamblers if all the tables were full.

3. Monaco’s Citizens Are Not Permitted to Gamble Locally

Everyone knows the famous Casino de Monte-Carlo – a magnet for gamblers from all around the world. Nonetheless, if you’re a citizen of Monaco, you are not allowed to enter it. One of the interesting facts about gambling in Monaco is that in the 1800s, Princess Caroline passed a law stating that locals were forbidden from gambling in the casino and that all revenue had to be generated from foreign players. However, on the upside, citizens are exempt from income tax, so they can use all the money they save to play online!

4. World’s Smallest Casino is Found in a Taxi

The smallest casino in the world doesn’t have a fixed address and is only big enough to accommodate a couple of players. Grosvenor mobile casino travels the streets of London in the rear of a cab. It features a dealer, a TV with a sports channel, a gaming table, and even a bar. It allows riders to drive anywhere in the city, as long as they donate something to a charity. Alternatively, they can take a complimentary ride to the casino itself.

5. Crabs to Craps

One of the more peculiar game names, craps, may have originated from the word “crabs.” Hazard, an old dice game from England, is comparable to today’s craps game. It came to be called the rolling snake eyes crabs. As the game became popular in New Orleans in the 1700s, the mix of French- and English-speaking punters evolved the name to the game we know today as craps.

6. First US Interracial Casino Opened in 1955

In the 1950s, there was still segregation in the US, and Las Vegas was no exception. One example of rampant racism was when the legendary singer Sammy Davis Jr swam in a hotel pool in the city. Afterwards, the hotel management drained it! Another example was the singer Lena Horne, who was permitted to perform at a local hotel and even stay overnight.

However, the following day, her bedding and towels were burned. When the Moulin Rouge casino opened in Vegas in 1955, it was the first interracial venue in the city. At the time, this appeared to be a historical advancement. Sadly, it didn’t last too long. After being open for just under five months, the establishment was mysteriously shut down.

7. Some Gamblers Don’t Stop for Toilet Breaks

Some gamblers are so obsessive that they won’t take a break to use the toilet. Some have confessed that they urinate on the floor rather than give up their winning streak or wear adult diapers, so they don’t have to leave their spot. In 2007, a gambler at a casino in Indiana filed a formal complaint that he had accidentally sat on a chair that was soaked with pee.

Casinos abound with incredible stories and interesting facts about gambling. Some are so farfetched that they are hard to believe. But no matter how mindboggling these stories may sound, they all contribute to the excitement and hype that surround each visit to a casino.

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Bojan Lipovic - Digital Project Manager

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