How to Reduce Eye Exhaustion When Gambling Online

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Gambling online is fun, but sometimes we lose track of time and overexpose our eyes to computer screens, which creates eye fatigue.

Eyestrain has become a common problem among computer users. Studies have shown that ocular symptoms, such as eyestrain, occur in 50 to 90 per cent of individuals who use a computer during the day. Visual problems cause various symptoms, including work errors and physical fatigue.

Some people also experience eye twitching and red eyes from gawking at a computer screen for extended periods. The following helpful tips can reduce eyestrain and other symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome (CVS).

Go for a Regular Eye Exams

Scheduling a regular eye test is necessary when you often work on a computer to prevent vision problems. If it’s been over a year since your last eye exam, schedule one straight away.  The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) advises that ardent computer users get an eye test before starting a new occupation and annually after that.

During your eye examination, notify your specialist how often you use the computer at home or work. Estimate how far your eyes are from your screen when sitting at the desk and bring this measurement to your appointment. This will allow your eye specialist to conduct an exam from a specific distance.

Conduct a Display Upgrade

Replace your cathode tube monitor with an LCD screen to reduce eyestrain. Liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors are like those used on laptops. This type of monitor makes it easier to look at the screen for more extended periods. Also, LCD monitors are non-reflective and are easier to view for longer periods without causing eye fatigue.

When you search for a new flat screen, select the one with the highest resolution. If a screen has a low “dot pitch”, sharper images will form on the screen. It is best to choose a monitor that has a pitch of 28mm or less. You can also reduce eyestrain by selecting a screen with a larger display. If you are using a desktop computer, use a diagonal screen size display of at least 19 inches.

Work Under Correct Lighting

If the light in your workspace is too bright or you are getting excessive outdoor sunlight, your lighting may become too harsh. When using a computer, make sure your ambient lighting is half as bright as light in standard offices.

You can reduce outdoor lighting by closing the curtains. You can also tone down inside light by applying lower intensity fluorescent tubes or bulbs. If you are able to, position your desk to the side of a window to reduce glare. You can also use floor lighting instead of the overhead lights in your work area so that you don’t have to stare into a bright light for hours on end.

Eliminate Glare

Surface or wall glare can reflect on your screen, which can trigger eye strain. You can resolve this by installing a display with an antiglare feature. You can also paint white walls into a darker colour, preferably using a matte finish.

Be sure to conceal the windows as much as possible. If you cannot cover them, a computer hood can also be helpful. If you wear glasses, you could also get an anti-reflective coating on your lenses. This reduces the light that reflects off the front and back lenses of your glasses.

Text Size and Colour

Computer vision syndrome (CVS) expert, Dr James Sheedy, notes that the text you see on your laptop screen should be thrice bigger than the print you’d typically read. Also, remember to remain at an average distance from the computer. Black font against a light background is the best colour combination for your eyes.

However, you can also use darker colours like purple or navy blue against a pastel or light-coloured background to reduce eyestrain.  If you are using Windows, adjust the text colour and size by going to the Start menu and accessing the Control Panel. Choose “Display” to modify the brightness and screen resolution to your liking.

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