How to Identify a Gold Digger in a Casino

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They say that there are gold diggers where there’s money, these often being a specific type of people who give others a bad name.

Gold-digging is as old as time and has gone hand in hand with those ladies (or men) who have perfected the art of achieving quick financial gain from willing sponsors. To an expert gold digger, morals, personality, and looks don’t matter since their focus is not on a person, but on the benefits they could derive from that person and the contents of their wallets.

So, how will you spot a gold digger in a casino and protect yourself from them?

The traits of a Casino Gold Digger

Victims often find it hard to spot a gold digger, even when everyone else in the room can identify one from a mile away. To keep yourself safe, always be on the lookout for these personality traits:

Sex Appeal

A gold digger’s greatest selling point is sex appeal, and that’s what they plan on using to snare the victim of their choice. They’ll maximise those assets with fitted suits, low-cut tops, short dresses, provocatively tight outfits, leather shoes, or towering heels. While the clothing may look expensive, it is often a cheap copy of catwalk designs.

A casino gold digger would wear this type of clothing wherever they happen to be, so they often look out of place depending on where they are encountered. You could guess their true purpose if they’re wandering around the hotel pool in 5-inch heels and a miniskirt.

Intrusive Lifestyle Questions

Of course, anyone who is genuinely interested in you will likely ask you questions about your life, but there’s a limit. If someone keeps asking intrusive questions that seem to be geared toward financial transactions, red-flag this individual immediately.

If the person you’re chatting to seems more interested in your job, bank account, home, and car than your interests and opinions, they’re definitely gold-digging. A gold digger doesn’t care about your personality. All they worry about is how much money you have stashed away in a bank.

On Lookout for Winning Streaks

While you’re wandering around a casino looking for a fresh table to join, look at the people around you. A gold digger often hangs around tables where single players appear to be on winning streaks. You would often see gold diggers hovering around players’ elbows, flirting wildly, and ego-stroking in the hope that they might funnel through some profits from the game.

Disrespect for Lower-Status People

If an individual treats others who are not wealthy with a lack of respect but is all over rich people, you can be confident that you’re looking at a casino gold digger. If they are rude to the waiter as you sit at the counter, but are a delight when surrounded by winners, you have your answer. A nice person will be polite to everyone, not only those who appear to be wealthy.

Excessive Attentiveness

While many people flirt when trying to attract someone, a casino gold digger takes this one step further. They want to flatter you, so you’d find them irresistible. Don’t be fooled if the flattery and flirtation are ostentatiously over the top. It’s your winnings they’re after, not your bubbly personality.

Working Hard on Presentation

A gold digger works hard to look attractive. While they may not be a stunner, they will try their best to look like one, which often involves plastic surgery, collagen, Botox, nose job, fake nails and eyelashes, dyed hair, and artfully applied makeup.

While many gold diggers are young, not all are as youthful as they seem. There are certainly older casino gold diggers out there, and they are even more apparent since they have to work harder to look good. While they may look fabulous from afar, move closer and you’ll notice that they aren’t as natural as they seem to be.

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Bojan Lipovic - Digital Project Manager

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