Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Casino Dealer?

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There’s often a perception of grandeur that accompanies the job of a casino dealer, even though it is frequently a very demanding job that requires long hours and unusual shifts. 

At first glance, working in a large casino resembles something out of a movie set. There’s glamour all around, with intricately themed interiors, smartly clad staff and electrifying energy that is the epitome of quality nightlife.  Working within such an environment brings both elements of fun and excitement, as well as promising career opportunities.

However, there are a few downsides to the package.  Working hours can often be unconventional, and the usual 09h00 – 17h00 routine is rare.  Also, strict rules and regulations need to be adhered to at all times, primarily relating to security and screenings.

Here are a few things to consider before you submit your CV:

1. Research the Industry and the Job Requirements

Make sure you know everything about your desired job role and what is expected from you before you pursue a new job.

Job Description

The role of a dealer, or croupier, is to oversee the smooth flow of a table game or an online gambling site.  The most popular games that casino dealers manage are blackjack, roulette and poker.  Nonetheless, there are many other games that you can specialise in.

It is your job to ensure that your game runs smoothly and error-free, and that all the actions get performed efficiently within a given timeframe.  A typical set of tasks that a croupier performs daily include:

  • Prepare the table before each game
  • Set up required wagers and divide all chips accordingly into their correct slots
  • Greet new players and make them feel welcome
  • Should a player be new to a game, carefully explain the rules and procedures to them
  • Maintain a smooth and fast game pace and handle all the equipment efficiently
  • Keep a meticulous mental record of all the betted amounts and from whom you need to collect and who you need to pay
  • Regularly screen the table for suspicious activities and report these immediately
  • Know your professional players and make sure they are not counting cards

Working Hours

If you flourish in a flexible environment, then casino dealing is the right job for you.  All major casinos, both land-based and online, operate 24 hours each day, so you can be assigned to any required slot.  A shift is usually eight hours long, with one hour at a table and a 20-minute break.

Since casinos usually operate every day of the year, you might be required to work on public holidays.  However, your days off can fall on any day of the week, and not just weekends, and you are entitled to 20 days paid leave annually.

2. Required Qualifications

An entry-level dealer job does not require an academic qualification, and an eight-week croupier course is all that you’ll need, with further inhouse training provided by the employer.  The cost of the croupier courses depends on the school but is usually in the range of CA$2,000 – CA$5,000.  Also, classes for specific games like blackjack are much shorter, while others like poker can take a bit longer.

3. Score Your First Job

Some croupier academies have partnerships with certain casinos and can offer you a job with them, upon completion of your qualification.  Alternatively, you can scan the job portals and apply directly through these with a well-structured CV and a cover letter.  If considered, you can expect to go through a few face-to-face interviews and a live test at the table, where you can demonstrate your skills.

4. Build Your Career

Once you get the job, make sure you hone your skills further by attending regular training provided by the casino, as well as maintaining a good work ethic and track record.  It is not uncommon for a casino dealer to get promoted to a supervisor in as little as two years.  Further prospects exist with jobs like the pit boss, casino inspector or a game/floor manager, where salaries can reach CA$70,000 per annum.

If you think a casino job is your calling, start preparing for your desired position today.  Become part of a gaming programme or locate a casino that is willing to offer you the required training, so that you’re good to go.  Good luck with your job hunt!

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