4 Most Eye-catching Casino Logos of All Time

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The power of marketing is to draw prospects and customers towards a brand, and nothing does the job better than a noticeable casino logo.

Remember your favourite and most memorable logos from childhood?  Were they for a fizzy drink or perhaps a chocolate cereal?  There’s a reason these logos have stuck in your head for so long, and that’s because you associate them with good memories.  Casino logos are no different.  However, with all the great gambling logos out there, only a few stood the test of time.

Let’s investigate which logos made the cut to live in our minds forever through association:

MGM Grand / Caesars Palace (Las Vegas)

Two of the most easily recognisable logos in the casino industry are also two of the most original ones. The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has been around for over a quarter of a century.  However, the company itself was recognisable before as a Hollywood film studio.

The casino boasts 171,000 square feet of gambling space and over 7,000 rooms, making it one of the biggest on The Strip. At the same time, Caesars Palace is one of the oldest casinos in Sin City, having welcomed guests for over 50 years. The resort has close to 4,000 rooms and 125,000 square feet of entertainment space.

Since gold is associated with luck and wealth, it made sense for the two casinos to use it as their primary logo colour. The casinos kept their designs simple and didn’t clutter their logos with details they didn’t need. Although both logos have been minimally modified over time, the essential colour and idea behind them haven’t changed.

Lions denote power, while the Roman Empire, over which the Caesars ruled, was one of the wealthiest in history. So, it made sense that these casinos would want to be associated with these.

The Venetian (Macao)

The Venetian Macao, modelled after its sister casino in Las Vegas, also has a logo that displays power and gold, which translates to wealth and luxury. Although this logo is a little more intricate than the MGM Grand and Caesars Palace logos, it is worth noting that it represents the largest casino in the world.

The resort features 3,000 suites and 500,000 square feet of gambling space, including table games, VIP rooms, and slots. The resort also boasts an adjoining area with shops and a mega arena that seats 15,000 people.

The design of the resort, just like its logo, is striking. The interior decorations are done in gold, which reflects the sunlight. It is meant to be marvelled at, and the logo appears designed in the same manner. Although the lion appears on other casino logos, winged lions represent Saint Mark, the patron saint of Venice, and have been used as guardians in front of buildings. While a bit on the cluttered side, this logo is undoubtedly unforgettable.

Bellagio Hotel and Casino (Las Vegas)

The Bellagio uses an unassuming logo with a dash of elegance, reflecting the sophisticated décor and taste that the casino offers its clients. While MGM International owns Bellagio and has gold in its own logo, the logos are visibly different.

The Bellagio boasts nearly 4,000 rooms and 116,000 square feet of entertainment space. The Bellagio, with its spectacular fountains and exclusive amenities, is considered amongst the most elegant casinos in Vegas. So, a sleek logo is more than fitting to complement this exceptional gambling venue.

Ocean Resort Casino (Atlantic City)

In contrast to the elegant golden logos of Las Vegas, one of the most attention-grabbing newer logos is from the Ocean Resort Casino, which opened in June 2018 in Atlantic City.  The casino makes extensive use of water as its theme, which is also demonstrated in the logo.

While it does not exude elegance and gilt the way Las Vegas brands do, the logo is striking in its use of various shades of blue in the background and on the logo itself, giving it a feel of a luxury cruise ship.

The Ocean Casino Resort, located on the Boardwalk, is designed to blend with the water. It is an elegant jewel overlooking the ocean, with theatrical service and amenities. All the rooms have ocean views, and the theme throughout the hotel is understated luxury, which is why this logo is bound to be a winner.

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