Advantages of Playing Live Roulette at Canadian Online Casinos

Published: 17 May 2020

Written by: BryanL


The selection of casino games available through online casinos keeps growing.  Inhouse casino classics such as slots games, live roulette and blackjack can now be easily accessed via your internet browser.  The sheer selection of games has all but eliminated the need for a player to go to an inhouse casino to gamble, saving you both time and money along the way.  Online casinos offer all the trappings of an inhouse casino less the human factor, which can be viewed as beneficial in today’s uncertain times of pandemics and other global issues.   

Advantages of Playing Live Roulette Online

There are a few advantages of playing roulette through an online casino.  Here are some of the more appealing ones:

1. Choose the Amount that You Bet

Standard inhouse casinos impose a minimum amount that you need to bet during each round of roulette.  On the other hand, online casinos do not implement such limitations, and you are free to bet however much you want each time that you play.  Some online casinos even offer free demo games, where you can brush up on your roulette skills for free, before attempting to play for real money.  

2. Access Multiple Casinos at a Click of a Mouse

You don’t have to be a quantum physicist to appear in more than one place at once.  With online casinos, you can sit behind the roulette wheel of multiple casinos, all at once.  All that it takes is for you to log into the online casino website and through multiple browser screens, enjoy playing via various locations.

3. Access the Roulette Table from Anywhere

When it comes to online roulette, there are no physical or geographical barriers between you and the casino. Forget about dress codes, etiquette and expectations. All you need is a device like a smartphone, a browser and a reliable internet connection.  Like this, you can quickly connect and play from anywhere, whether you’re in your bed, on the couch or sitting in an aeroplane seat. 

4. Forget About Waiting for a Seat

With live online roulette, you will always find a room at the table.  This is because you will be the only player at the table, with just the croupier on the other side to keep you company.  Communication with the croupier can be conducted via live chat, enhancing your private roulette experience.   

5. Scheduling and Pacing

With online casinos, you no longer need to worry about opening and closing hours.  Live roulette is available 24/7, every day of the year.  This means you don’t have to dedicate a specific timeslot for your favourite pastime, and can play either at home, work or while commuting.    

How to Spot a Reliable Online Casino

While it’s great to find a fun online casino where you can immerse yourself in hour upon hour of quality roulette, it is essential to make sure that this casino where you play is reliable.  Firstly, check out player reviews about the casino and the roulette game.  These are objective indicators about the quality of the experience that you might have.  Lack of or very negative reviews indicates that you should give that casino a miss.

Also, check that the URL shown at the top of your roulette browser screen has a padlock and is HTTPS classified.  This means that the website is safe and secure for you to play, and your data will be treated confidentially.    

All reputable online casinos will also have a live chat option, should you have any queries or experience any difficulties during gameplay.  These helplines function 24/7 and are accessible whenever you might need assistance. 

With the hustle and bustle of our modern lifestyles, there’s increasingly less time to do things that we enjoy.  Online casinos have alleviated that concern by offering a full spread of inhouse casino games that we can now experience online.  Ultimately, this has led to more time on our hands as well as convenience.  Live online poker is just another of these benefits that we can now enjoy from the comfort of our home, each time that we log on to our favourite online casino website.