5 Ways that Casinos Use to Trick You into Losing

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Fair play is what we all expect from casinos, and to a large extent, most gambling houses adhere to a strict code of conduct, offering their players an impartial opportunity to win.  However, there are ways that casinos can trick their patrons into spending more, or even lose, that often pass under the ethics radar.

Picture yourself sitting at the blackjack table and facing off against the dealer.  You are playing the best odds in the house, and you can probably even turn the advantage to your favour.  But not so fast!

If you think that it’s just the cards that you are battling against, think again.  Little do you know that the strategic combat plan against you has been put in motion even before you sat down at the table. This is the game behind the game and involves getting you to the table and keeping you there as long as possible.  And this manoeuvring from the side of the dealers often minimises your winning chances too.

The real tricksters are not the croupiers themselves, but the gambling houses that train and monitor their every move.  The dealer remains a pawn in a bigger game of battling it out between the casinos and their patrons.      

So, how can a casino influence us to lose?  Here are five key tactics often employed by gambling houses to better their odds: 

1. Fake Optimism

Dealers present a façade that masks casinos as happy places where winning is always possible.  A friendly welcome, a bit of small talk and a big grin all instil a sense of trust and hope for prospective gamblers.  When you lose, the dealers will often chalk it up to bad luck, with comments such as “It’s got to turn around eventually” often used to nudge you on.  Of course, this often pushes the player into an even bigger losing spiral.

2. Keep the Booze Coming

Alcohol and gambling are not the best combination.  However, when you are offered a complimentary cocktail while putting down an increasing bet, you will most likely gulp it down and have some more.  Of course, you can always walk to the bar and get your own drink.  However, to a casino, you are worth more money right where you are – at the table.  And they will do everything to keep you there.

3. Offering Bad Gambling Advice

Basic Strategy is a compilation of playing moves that a player can execute in any given situation, that will mathematically be most advantageous to them.  Often referred to as the book, this list of moves is pure mathematics.  Some casinos will even provide cards with basic strategy rules available at the table.  Knowing the rationale behind every casino’s interaction with a gambler, a player should always stick to these set of probabilities and rely less on the “sagacious” advice of the dealers. 

Ultimately, dealers are responsible for keeping the play moving.  The more rounds they get through within an hour, the more money gets generated for the casino.  Pressurising you to make a quick decision is equal to forcing you to make a wrong one, so be wary of hasty moves.     

4. Pretending to be Friends

Don’t be fooled by warm greetings, interesting chats and gracious acceptance of your tips.  These are all façades that evaporate the moment you leave the table.  Dealers don’t roam around a casino floor, and you will not bump into them at the food court or the bar.  Their job is to be your buddy when, and only when, your money is on their table.  They might be wearing a tuxedo, but they will most certainly not be inviting you to the prom.

5. Tip Whoring

Not only are casinos experts at relieving you of your money, but there is also an expectation that you should help pay their employees in the form of tips.  When you score a large win, you are expected to share a small percentage of your riches with your fluky croupier.  However, when you lose, the suggestion is often passed that you lost because you didn’t tip.  Remember, when a dealer scores a big win from a player, they never tip you.

There are many hurdles along the road to that elusive jackpot.  Ultimately, you have to play smart to increase your chances of winning.  Know what to look out for and safeguard your money for the strategies and situations that provide you with a real opportunity to win.