5 Reasons why Canadian Gamblers Prefer Online vs Land Based Casinos

Online casinos imageLand-based casinos have been the staple of many a gambler since the first betting houses opened their doors in 17th century Europe.  Gambling boudoirs became exclusive clubs where players could come, try their luck with cards, socialise with other patrons and have a good time.  Over the centuries, the format of the casinos and the demographics of the players changed somewhat, but one overlaying constant remained – to enjoy a game at a casino, you would physically need to go to one.  This all changed during the last decade of the twentieth century when the first online casinos started to appear. 

The concept of being able to gamble online became a gamechanger to how casinos operated.  For one, players no longer were required to leave the comfort of their homes to go out and gamble. As time went by, more and more Canadian players migrated to online gambling platforms, currently making this form of wagering the most preferred one across Canada.   

Let’s take a look at why so many Canadian players, both professional and amateur, have become enthusiasts of online gambling:     

1.    24/7 Service

Although most large land-based casinos tend to remain open non-stop, some of the smaller brick and mortar establishments have opening and closing hours.  This is mostly true for smaller casinos in non-urban areas.  Online casinos are not subject to any opening hour restrictions.  You can play your day away, or wake up in the middle of the night, log on to your favourite online casino site and Bob’s your uncle.  You can even pull off an all-nighter, on the condition that you have no one to drag you back to bed.  

2.    Discretion

Let’s face it.  In-house casinos are like big entertainment arenas, where the players resemble a crowd that’s vying for the next big win.  And, when someone finally does score that illusive mega-jackpot, they will have millions of spectators breathing down their necks in awe and often jealousy.  The benefit of an online casino is that you can win the ultimate prize in the casino that day, and no one, besides the online casino itself, will ever know.  The money will be discretely deposited into your account, and you will have no uninvited audience to celebrate your winnings with.   

3.    Variety of Casino Games at Online vs Land Based Casinos

Land-based casinos can be big.  And, we mean significantly big as in the size of a football field or two.  However, they will always reach a capacity limitation once all the space gets used up.  This then affects the number of new machines that can be set up for all the masses of players to choose from.  In an online casino, space is not an issue.  Games are stacked according to categories, and an online casino can have as many as it wants, based on the licensing agreements that it posses with game developers.  This results in a more extensive variety of games available that players can choose from, without ever having to lift their bottoms from their seats.

4.    Play wherever, whenever    

Probably the most obvious advantage of online casinos in Canada is that they are not confined to the physical location of a casino building or a resort.  You can pretty much play at any online casino from anywhere in the world, as long as the legal framework permits it and you have internet access.  Gone are the days where you had to sit the whole night in a stuffy casino house to enjoy your favourite spin.  Today, an aeroplane seat, a bench in a park or a restaurant table can all double up as more comfortable alternatives from where you can gamble.

5.    Variety of Bonuses at Online vs Land Based Casinos

Casinos have always used bonuses as carrots at the end of a stick to woo new players and keep existing ones.  While certain in-house casinos are famous for their generous bonuses, it is online casinos that excel when it comes to the variety of these.  From signup bonuses to a first deposit bonus, as well as loyalty, referral and welcome bonuses, it’s impossible not to be rewarded, even before you commence your first game.  And, online casinos are the only ones that offer a no-deposit bonus, offering additional credits even when no cash deposits have yet been made by a player.   

In today’s day and age, time is money.  With more and more of us not having that spare time to dedicate towards extramural activities, quick fixes seem to be like a godsend.  Not only does playing at online vs land based casinos save you the unnecessary travel time and reduce the coast of commuting, but it gives you the desired convenience, that ultimately makes the lives of all online players that much easier.