10 Tips for Beating the Casinos and Enjoying Yourself

Published: 7 May 2020

Written by: BryanL

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In August 1891, Charles Deville Wells went down into the annals of gambling history by singlehandedly breaking the bank at the famed Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco, the most renowned casino of its time.  His feat became the stuff of legend and an aspirational cue for many a wannabe gambler looking to recreate his deed.  The famous British theatrical agent, Fred Gilbert, even wrote a comical song about Wells’ exploits, fittingly capturing the magnitude of this achievement: 

As I walk along the Bois de Boulogne
With an independent air
You can hear the girls declare
“He must be a Millionaire.”
You can hear them sigh and wish to die,
You can see them wink the other eye
At the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo.

But how easy is it to break the bank, or at least beat the casino?  Here are ten tips you can follow to at least break a leg, the next time you spin the reels.

1. Practice Makes Perfect

While having lady luck on your side can be a wind in the back along your gambling journey, possessing the skills and knowledge about a game is of paramount importance for success. An excellent way to brush up on your gambling skills is by making use of the free games that most casinos offer.  These are versions of real money games that don’t require cash deposits to play.  Like this, you can learn the nitty-gritty of a game, especially if you are playing it for the very first time.  Once you feel more confident, proceed to the real deal.          

2. Play Low House Edge Games

Playing games with a low house edge can statistically boost your chances of winning.  House edge on games like blackjack can go pretty low, resulting in an increased return to player (RTP) rate.  Slots games have a slightly higher house edge although still significantly low enough to secure their place as the most popular type of an online casino game.

3. Play Smart

Playing smart is a sure way to great winnings.  Your budget determines how you should play.  If your budget for the day is CA$100, don’t go for a CA$20 per spin slot game.  Wager smaller amounts to extend your play and opportunities to strike the jackpot. 

4. Casino Promotions

Online casinos offer continuous promotional deals to their players.  There is the usual welcome bonus for all new players, plus a deposit bonus when you deposit money for the first time.  Also, be on the lookout for loyalty schemes and no deposit bonuses, as well as competitions that online casino launch to better your chances of winning. 

5. Scan the Competition

Don’t only fall for bonus offers.  Do some window shopping to see who is offering the best deals and under the fairest terms. It’s one thing to get a bonus, but if that bonus comes with a maximum cashout, then the lustre of such a win quickly fades away.  No strings attached bonuses are the way to go.

6. Monitor the Payout Rate of Your Online Slots

Don’t be fooled!  Spending more money on a single slots machine does not guarantee that you are increasing your chances of winning.  If you have been playing the same game for days and haven’t managed to scoop up any significant winnings, it usually means that you should move on.

7. The Maximum Bets Factor

Remember that your chances on a slots machine remain the same due to random number generation, irrelevant of how large your bet is.  Playing a maximum bet can make it easier for you to score big on multiple lines, but betting maximum will not boost your chances of winning.   

8. Local vs Network Jackpots

Local jackpot is generated form players playing a specific slots game at a single casino.  On the other hand, network jackpots pool players’ contributions from an extensive network that often spans several casinos.  If you wish to play safe, go for a local jackpot.  The winnable amount might be lower, but your chances of winning are far higher.

9. Avoid Dubious Online Casino Sites

The Internet can be a big scary world, with both registered and illegal online casinos vying for your attention.  Always check that a casino has the necessary accreditation with a professional association, double-check online reviews and make sure that the Canadian authorities have not blacklisted the casino.

10. Drinking and Gambling

Gambling and alcohol are not a good combination.  While a drink or two are a good way to wind down, getting tipsy or drunk while playing is a recipe for disaster.  Intoxicated players tend to make rash decisions, resulting in them spending more money than they intended to.

Playing at an online casino is all about fun.  It boils down to a lot of luck and a bit of expertise that you might possess.  Familiarising yourself with these few failproof tips will not only increase your chances of winning but will guarantee that your every online gambling experience is as enjoyable as possible.